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Cat Proof Ethernet Cable? (3 Easy Ways To Do It!)

If you have some ethernet cable that your cat keeps messing with you may be looking for a simple solution to protect it (click here to my best solution, on Amazon #Ad)

Can you cat-proof your ethernet cable?

You can cat-proof your Ethernet cable. There are a variety of ways you can do this, such as by using a protective sleeve, floor cord cover, tacking the cable to the walls, and banning your cat from the room where the Ethernet cable is stored. We will look at all of these options in more detail later.

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So, now you know. But, could you just train your cat not to bother it? Why do cats like these cables? Could your cat hurt itself with these cables? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is an ethernet cable?

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An Ethernet cable is used to create a wired connection to the Internet. To put it more simply, it connects an electronic device to a network. This allows the device to have Internet access. They can come in many colors and lengths. Despite the variety of outward appearances, all Ethernet cables should have a rectangular connector on both ends.

If you are unfamiliar with Ethernet cable, it is similar to Wi-Fi in that it connects a device to the Internet. How it differs from Wi-Fi is that it is a literal cable that connects to the device. This gives more guaranteed access to the Internet in the case that your Wi-Fi should go down.

Can you train a cat to stay away from your ethernet cable?

Technically, you can train a cat to stay away from your Ethernet cable, but it will be difficult to do so and is unlikely to work. Unlike dogs, cats don’t like being told what to do. This makes them difficult to train. Instead of wasting your time trying to train your cat to stay away from an Ethernet cable, you should cat-proof the cable instead.

If you have trouble with your cat trying to mess with your Ethernet cable, cat-proofing the cable is the best option, especially in comparison to training your cat. Training your cat to stay away from the cable will likely be ineffective. So, you should cat-proof it instead.

How to cat-proof your ethernet cable:

There are several ways you can cat-proof an Ethernet cable. Most notably, you can use a protective sleeve or floor cord cover, tack it to the wall, or ban your cat from the room the ethernet cable is stored in. Let’s look at these cat-proofing techniques one by one.

01. Use a protective sleeving

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The first way that you can cat-proof an Ethernet cable is to use a protective sleeving. These sleeves will wrap around the wire to keep your cat from messing with it. Protective sleeves typically come in multiple colors, ensuring that they don’t become an eyesore in your home.

These cable protectors are a great option. It will protect the Ethernet cable from being chewed on by your cat. It comes in a variety of sizes and three color choices.

02. Use a floor cord cover

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Another way to cat-proof your Ethernet cable is to use a floor cord cover. The floor cord cover will protect the Ethernet cable from your cat and spills. It will also prevent the wire from being a tripping hazard. Most floor cable covers will be made from flexible PVC and lay flat.

These protectors will adequately protect the Ethernet cable from your cat while preventing you from tripping over the cover. It has a D shape and comes in three different colors so that it blends in with your floor.

03. Tack the cable to walls

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You can also tack the cable to the walls. Tacking it to the walls will make it less appealing to the cat. In all likelihood, the cat won’t even notice the Ethernet cable if it is attached to the wall. Make sure to attach it using tape appropriate for cables.

04. Ban your cat from the room your ethernet cable is stored

If you don’t want to rearrange the position of the Ethernet cable or add a covering, you can simply ban your cat from the room your Ethernet cable is stored in. You could do this by closing doors or adding gates to the door frame. This will prevent your cat from entering the room in the first place.

Why do cats like your ethernet cable?

Cats are likely to chew or mess with your Ethernet cable for the following four reasons: the sensory experience, habit, play, and boredom.

Let’s start by looking at the sensory reasons. Your Ethernet cable is going to be coated in plastic. That is a smell that many cats like. Not to mention, the rubbery coating often feels good against their gums. Your cat may be attracted to your Ethernet cable simply because it smells good and tastes good in their mouth.


Cats can also have a habit of playing with an Ethernet cable or cords in general. Just like biting your nails, cats can get into a habit and not know how to stop. If the habit is too serious, it may be a sign of OCD in your cat.

Love stringy objects…

Just about everyone knows that cats like playing with stringy objects. It makes them feel like they are pouncing on something. Ethernet cables look a lot like strings. Your cat simply may be attacking the Ethernet cable to try to play.

Cats can get bored. When they get bored, they’ll do anything to occupy their time. If there’s an Ethernet cable nearby, they might play with it to ease the boredom.

What can a cat do to your ethernet cable?

A cat can cause a lot of damage to your Ethernet cable by biting, scratching, or urinating on it. All of these scenarios will damage and possibly ruin the Ethernet cable. Most likely, your cat will bite the Ethernet cable, leaving teeth marks in the coating and potentially biting it in half completely.

Could a cat hurt itself with the ethernet cable?

Cat proof ethernet cable?

An ethernet cable plugged into a router.

A cat can hurt itself with Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables are connected to electricity, meaning that your cat can be electrocuted when playing with the cable. They may also swallow or scratch themselves with the internal wiring.

Should you discipline your cat for touching your ethernet cable?

You should not discipline your cat for touching your Ethernet cable because they will likely not understand what you are doing. Instead of deterring them from playing with the Ethernet cable, they will likely become scared of you.

Can you distract your cat away from your ethernet cable?

Distracting your cat away from your Ethernet cable is a great idea. Since many cats play with Ethernet cables for fun or out of boredom, distracting them with cat toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) will be a great alternative. Get strings, feathers, or moving objects to get them away from the cable.

Which is better: a flat or round Ethernet cable?

Round Ethernet cable is the best. That is because flat Ethernet cables lack fillers, insulating tape, and other material. This makes flat Ethernet cables less durable in comparison to round Ethernet cables.

If you are having an issue with a cat playing with an Ethernet cable, you certainly want the most durable cable possible. Select a round Ethernet cable for this reason.

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