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Cat Proof Entertainment Center? (5 Simple Tricks)

If you have an entertainment center you may be wondering if there is a way to protect it from your cat…

Can you Cat proof an entertainment center?

There are ways you can cat-proof your entertainment center. These include both training or using techniques that keep your cat off your entertainment center. Another effective tactic is to distract your cat, for example, using a nearby cat tree or perch. 

Use these to protect your entertainment center

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So, now you know. But, why do cats love them? What can a cat do to it? Should you discipline your cat for messing with the center? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is an entertainment center?

Cat proof entertainment center?

An entertainment center.

An entertainment center is a piece of furniture typically used to hold your TV, stereo, DVD players, etc. Some entertainment centers come with various shelves to display collectibles on or to store your DVD collection.

Entertainment centers are hugely popular because of the diversity and uniqueness that they can add to a room. Some people install entertainment centers that are the entire length of a wall or choose a smaller one designed to house a TV or some sound equipment.

You can find entertainment centers with glass or wood doors to protect the items on the shelves, or choose one that is wide open and allows easy access to everything on the shelves.

How can I cat-proof an entertainment center?

You can try to cat-proof your entertainment center, but doing so can be a bit tricky. We suggest trying to train your cat to stay off of it and then rewarding them for being in the places you do allow them.

However, there are some techniques that people use to cat-proof their entertainment center that might also work for you. Such as:

  1. Don’t allow your cat in the room with your entertainment center.
  2. Distract your cat from climbing on top of your furniture.
  3. Place some items that your cat can climb on near your entertainment center, for example, a cat tree or perch.
  4. Put some tin foil or double-stick tape along the edges of your entertainment center.
  5. Make a loud noise, such as clapping your hands anytime they try to jump on your entertainment center.

All of these suggestions have been proven to work with cats; however, every cat has its own personality and might not be easily distracted by some of the above techniques.

Training your cat to stay off your entertainment center will be the most effective and the least stressful way to handle the situation.

Why do cats like entertainment centers?

A wooden entertainment center.

A wooden entertainment center.

Cats like to climb on all kinds of furniture; it’s their nature to check everything out. They especially want to climb on things that provide obstacles, like the different objects sitting on your entertainment center or all the additional shelves they can climb on.

Can an entertainment center hurt a cat?

An entertainment center can potentially hurt your cat. There usually are multiple electrical cords plugged into your media devices that can electrocute your cat if they begin to chew on them.

Depending on how stable and secure your entertainment center is, your cat could cause it to tip or fall over. It could also land on top of them, causing injuries or, even worse, death.

If you have glass items on the shelves of your entertainment center, your cat could knock them off and then step in the broken glass. This could have severe consequences if your cat has glass stuck in its paws.

What can a cat do to an entertainment center?

A cat can scratch and damage your entertainment center when not trained to stay off of it. Some cats are prone to scratching and are known to damage furniture when doing so. If this happens, you may need to sand or repaint your entertainment center.

Can you train a cat to stay off your entertainment center?

You can train your cat to stay off your entertainment center. However, in doing so, you will need to provide other solutions. If they don’t have anywhere else to climb or hang out on, chances are they will continue to go to your entertainment center.

Using cat trees, perches, etc

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We suggest placing some perches, cat trees, scratching posts, and some cozy cat beds throughout your living space. Be sure to put one or more of these items near the furniture you don’t want them to climb on, like your entertainment center.

It will also help if you put a safe place for your cat to enjoy somewhere near your favorite chair or couch that you typically sit on. This way, they are comfortable and know that you are always close by.

Cats like to be near their owners; give them a place to go, and you’ll be on your way to training them to stay off your entertainment center. However, remember to spend ample time on the floor with them playing so that they feel good about the relationship they have with you.

Should you discipline your cat for touching your entertainment center?

You should discipline your cat for touching your entertainment center. But only use positive reinforcement when doing so. This involves rewarding your cat for doing what you want it to do after showing him or her what’s not acceptable.

For instance, if your cat is walking on top of your entertainment center, simply pick the cat up and place them back on the ground. Then give them a treat for staying on the floor. This allows them to know that they get rewards for staying off your entertainment center.

Negative reinforcement when trying to train your cat is never a good idea. This can involve yelling, spraying them with water, or pushing or swatting at them to move. When you use negative reinforcement, you cause fear, and the cat will be afraid of you.

How can you keep your cat away from the items in the entertainment center?

You can keep your cat away from all your items on top of your entertainment center by merely placing some catnip toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) on the floor nearby. This is an excellent method for teaching your cat how to get rewarded from staying off your entertainment center and other furniture.

If you find your cat walking on your entertainment center, gently push him or her off and use a ‘clicker’ to say things like ‘good cat.’ This encourages them to remain on the floor while you are engaging with them.

You’ll want to be consistent with your training methods and always show them where you want them to go, i.e., to their bed or on a perch. Then be sure to reward them with a small treat each time they arrive where you want them to go.

Why do some cats scratch the entertainment center?

Some cats scratch entertainment centers because they want to stretch and flex their claws and feet. They can also do this to mark their territory or simply remove the outer layer of their nails that is considered dead.

Regardless of the reason, they are not doing this because they are bad kitties. This is normal behavior, and if they have a scratching post or a place they can go to do their scratching, they probably won’t choose your entertainment center.

Lindsey Browlingdon