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Cat Proof Bed Frame? (3 Simple Tips To Protect It)

If your cat is constantly attacking your bed frame you may be wondering what you can do to protect it…

Can you catproof a bed frame?

You can catproof a bed frame. As well as the frame itself cats are likely to scratch a fabric headboard that is attached to a bed frame, so if you have one there are a few things you can do to deter your cat away from scratching both of them.

Use these to cat-proof a bed frame

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So, now you know. But, what do you need to do to protect it? Why are cats so tempted by these frames? Can you get cat-friendly bed frames? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What is a bed frame?

Cat proof bed frame?

A bed frame and mattress in a bedroom.

A bed frame is the part of the bed that is used to hold the mattress and base in place. It can also be used to hold up a headboard or canopy.

They are usually made out of either metal or wood and essentially act as the foundation to the bed. Larger bed frames will also have a support rail running down the center of the frame.

Is a bed frame the same as a box spring?

A bed frame and a box spring are different from one another. A box spring actually sits directly on top of the bed frame. The bed frame sits directly on the floor, acting as the brace for the bed.

Box springs are usually the same size as the mattress and are used to raise the mattress higher off the ground.

The purpose of the box spring is to reduce wear and tear on the mattress by absorbing some of the shocks. They create a firm surface for the mattress to lay upon, making it more comfortable to sleep on. A box spring is also effective at creative ventilation, allowing body moisture to escape.

How to cat-proof a bed frame:

So, now you understand that it’s possible to cat-proof your bedframe. Here are some practical tips to get it done:

  1. Use the correct materials: a bed frame that is made of hard materials is ideal for being cat-proof. Materials like hardwood, metal, and plastic are usually the best options.
  2. Distract the cat: Place a cat scratching post near (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) your bed frame to distract your cat. If they aren’t interested in a post, try to distract them from scratching with a favorite toy (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), or even their own bed.
  3. Keep them out: If they continue to scratch at your bed frame you may have to keep your bedroom door closed so they stay out.
  4. Use a spray: Cats hate the smell of citrus and eucalyptus, so spraying your bed frame (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) with a scent they dislike may keep them from wanting to come near it.

Why are cats tempted to scratch bed frames?

A bed frame with a handbag on it.

A bed frame with a handbag on it.

Cats are very tempted to scratch furniture for several reasons. When cats first wake up, they have the urge to stretch their bodies and flex their paws. This is why they are likely to scratch something close by that looks tempting when they wake up.

Scratching is also how they can mark their territory because it leaves behind visual marks and their scent.

Another reason cats are tempted to scratch the bed frame is that they have an outer dead layer on their claws and it helps them to remove it. Scratching helps cats feel their best, unfortunately, they like to use our furniture first to get the scratching out of their system.

Does your cat scratch the bed frame out of spite?

When cats scratch material items it is never done out of spite. It’s one of their natural instincts to scratch and your belongings just happen to be made out of the ideal material for them to dig their claws in. Scratching feels good to them so they don’t actually realize they’re causing damage.

If they begin to scratch at your items then you should try to direct them to an appropriate item to scratch. Keep an eye out to see if there’s a particular area of the bed frame they are scratching at. Place the cat’s scratching post nearby and next time they start scratching, direct their attention towards the scratching post.

Can you get cat-friendly bed frames?

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There are many different types and styles of bed frames to choose from. This includes cat-friendly bed frames as well. Any bed frame that is made out of a hard material, like wood or metal (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), is much more cat-friendly than other options available.

It will be more difficult for them to scratch the bed frame so they are likely to take that urge elsewhere.

Bed frames have come a long way and there are now even ones that are designed specifically to keep your cat happy while you sleep. These bed frames are made out of wood and designed to support your mattress while your cat had fun beneath you.

Underneath the mattress is a maze for the cat to roam and play in. They will likely be too busy to even think about scratching this bed frame.

Should you lock your bedroom door to keep the cat out?

If your cat is very persistent at scratching your bed frame then you may have no other choice than to lock them out of the bedroom. This can be done until you have them trained to no longer scratch at the bed frame.

However, a lot of people aren’t able to keep their cats locked out of the bedroom because of how persistent they are.

Why cats hate being locked out…

Cats are like family, so a lot of cat owners want them to come to sleep in the bed with them. When cats become custom to sleeping in the bed they may find it confusing if they are later kicked out of the room.

This leads them to scratch at the bedroom door or sits outside the door meowing and whining. Either way, the cat owner is losing sleep.

The choice to lock the cat out of your bedroom will all depend on how your cat behaves.

Why does the cat hide under the bed?

Cats like to have a quiet and private spot to go to, and underneath the bed makes the perfect hiding spot for your furry little friend. There are a few reasons why they may choose to hide underneath the bed:

  1. Threats: If there’s some new (maybe a loud appliance) in the home that’s startling the cat then they may run to your bed to hide.
  2. Visitors: Your cat isn’t as excited to see your friends as you are. If your kitty is on the shy side then your visitors could be the reason why they are hiding.
  3. New pet: If there’s a new pet in the house then it’s likely that your cat needs time to adjust, so under the bed is their safe spot in the meantime. Sometimes when other pets are coming around the property it can scare the cat as well.
  4. Peaceful: Underneath your bed is quiet and dark. This is a peaceful spot for your cat, so they may be under there just to avoid the commotion and get some rest.

What can I put under my bed to keep my cat out?

If your cat is very persistent at scratching your bed frame then try placing aluminum foil underneath your bed (what about the quilt? click here) to keep them out. Cats hate the feeling of crinkled tin foil on their paws and likely won’t want to go under there anymore if you make tin foil barriers.

Lindsey Browlingdon