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Cat Proof A Mac Keyboard? (3 Proven Methods)

If your cat keeps playing around with your Mac keyboard you may be looking for a simple way to protect it…

Can you cat-proof your Mac keyboard?

You can cat-proof your Mac keyboard, and it is easier than it sounds. Just by taking a few extra minutes to change the settings of the keyboard and place it in an area away from your cat, you will be able to cat-proof your Mac keyboard in seconds.

So, now you know. But, what other measures can you take to protect it? Why do cats love messing with these keyboards anyway? What could a cat do to these keyboards? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is a Mac keyboard?

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A Mac keyboard is a specific keyboard that is designed for Apple’s Macintosh line of computers. Since its initial release in 1983, dozens of Mac keyboards have been released to the public.

Today, Apple offers two dual-mode keyboards, which include the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard with a Numeric Keypad.

Both of these Mac keyboards have a similar minimalistic look, complete with a thin aluminum chassis and low profile keys. This allows the keyboard to sit lower to the table than other keyboards, and they make a unique clicking sound. Many people prefer the Mac keyboard style and look to keyboards of other brands.

Can you train a cat to stay away from your Mac keyboard?

You can train your cat to stay away from your Mac keyboard, but this will be incredibly difficult to do, if at all. Training cats is more difficult than training dogs because they don’t perceive punishment and rewards in the same manner. As a result, it will be difficult to teach your cat to stay away from the keyboard.

If you are concerned about your cat changing your work or damaging the keyboard, it is better to protect the keyboard than it is to train your cat. Focusing your attention on the keyboard will be much more effective and less time-consuming since it is more likely to work.

How to cat-proof your Mac keyboard:

Instead of training your cat to stay away from your Mac keyboard, it is better to cat-proof it. There are four main ways that you can go about doing this: covering your Mac keyboard, locating the Mac keyboard away from the cat, hiding the Mac keyboard, and banning the room from your cat.

01. Cover your keyboard

The easiest way to cat-proof a Mac keyboard is to simply cover it. You can cover your keyboard using some sort of cloth, premade cover, or anything else that will sit on top of the keyboard without damaging it. Covering your keyboard will hide it from the cat so that they are less likely to jump on it.

The main drawback of this technique is that some cats like to sit on top of pieces of fabric and other coverings. If this is the case for your cat, this technique might not work as well as you want it to. Instead, your cat may still be drawn to the area.

02. Locate the Mac keyboard where your cat can’t get it

Another way to cat-proof your Mac keyboard is to place it somewhere where your cat can’t get to it. If your cat can’t reach the keyboard, you don’t have to worry about them sitting on it. There are plenty of places that you can place a Mac keyboard where your cat can’t access it.

Most modern Mac keyboards are designed so that they can be easily plugged away from the Mac, making it easy to change its location. If your desk comes with a drawer, place it in there. You could also place it in a closet or high up on a bookshelf where your cat cannot jump to it.

03. Hide your Mac keyboard

Another idea for cat-proofing a Mac keyboard is to hide it. If your cat particularly enjoys the Mac keyboard, they may try to sniff it out. Hide your Mac keyboard in drawers, closets, or anywhere else to make it difficult to be reached.

04. Ban your cat from the room your Mac keyboard is stored

If hiding your Mac keyboard doesn’t work, ban your cat from that room altogether. You can ban your cat from that room by keeping the door shut and not letting them in.

Why do cats like your Mac keyboards?

Cat proof keyboard Mac?

A Mac keyboard on a table with a mouse.

Most experts believe that cats like Mac keyboards because they are warm, make a satisfying click noise, and get your undivided attention. You probably know that the keyboard will get a little warm after using it for a while. Cats may be drawn to this warmth so that they can stay cozy.

Some cats also like the noise that Mac keyboards make. Mac keyboards are known for their very unique click sound in comparison to other keyboards. If you find your cat clicking away at the keys, they are probably attracted to the sound.

If you work at your Mac keyboard, your cat probably perceives it as getting a lot of the attention you should be given to them. If your cat feels lonely, they may sit on top of the Mac keyboard to get your undivided attention. This is especially true if you have been working all day or night.

What can a cat do to your Mac keyboard?

A cat can damage your Mac keyboard by transferring kitty litter, dirt, or any other substance from its paws to the keyboard. The cat can also scratch the aluminum chassis, damaging the appearance. On top of that, cats can push buttons, changing settings, or typing on your computer.

Whenever cats go into their litter box or go outside, dust, Kitty litter, mud, and other particles get stuck on their paws. Even if your cat does a good job of grooming itself, there is still a chance that these items are on the bottom of their paws.

If debris and particles are there, they can become lodged in your Mac keyboard whenever your cat sits on it. This can be damaging because the particles can potentially get into the internals of the keyboard or make it difficult to click a button.

Could your cat injure itself on your Mac keyboard?

No, your cat should not injure itself on your Mac keyboard.

Should you discipline your cat for touching your Mac keyboard?

You should not discipline your cat for touching your Mac keyboard. Unlike human children and some dog breeds, punishment is the least effective way of changing behavior in a cat. That’s because cats do not understand why they are being punished. So, it simply results in them being afraid of you.

Instead of punishing your cat, think of ways to deter your cat from accessing the Mac keyboard in the first place and addressing the root of the behavior. The ideas above deter your cat from accessing the Mac keyboard without punishing them.

How do I temporarily disable my Mac keyboard?

Disable your Mac keyboard to prevent your cat (click here if it also sleeps on it) from making any changes to a document or your computer. The easiest way to disable your Mac keyboard is to press the Control + F1 keys on the computer.

Is there a way to lock the keyboard on a Mac?

You can quickly lock your Mac keyboard before your computer goes to sleep by pressing Control + Shift + Power on newer models. If you use an older Mac that includes an optical drive, you’ll need to press Control + Shift + Eject.

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