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Cat Peeing Over Edge of Litter Box (What Now?)

If you have noticed that your cat is peeing over the edge of the litter tray, you may be keen to understand why and find a solution to make it stop (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Why Is My Cat Peeing Over the Edge of Its Litter Box?

Your cat is peeing over the edge of the litter box for one of several reasons: The litter box is not a good fit, health issues making it hard to pee on target, the box is dirty causing it to move at some weird angle, etc.

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So, now you know why this is happening. But, how can you stop this from happening? Could your cat just be being spiteful? How can you tell if this is a medical issue, such as a UTI? Keep reading to these answers, and so much more.

The 7 Main Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing Over the Edge

When your cat starts peeing over the edge of its litter box, then there must be some reason for it. For instance, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it is happening.

1. Dirty Litter Box

Cats are neat and clean animals. They don’t like to be around dirty stuff, even their litter box.

Due to their strong sense of smell, they can easily make out a dirty litter box and refuse to do their business there.

2. Your Cat Doesn’t Like Its Litter Box

Yes, your cat also has certain preferences when it comes to its litter box. For example, a cat may not like the feel of the litter box or even the usual smell of it.

Due to this, it will try to stay away from the litter box instead of peeing in it.

3. Your Cat Can’t Fit In Well In the Litter Box

You may have bought a small size litter box for your cat. Due to this, your cat may not feel comfortable while doing its business.

Thus, for more space, it may pee over the edge of the litter box.

4. Your Cat May Have Some Underlying Problems

If your cat suddenly starts peeing somewhere other than the litter box, it may have some underlying problems such as UTIs or even stress or fear.

5. Your cat is spraying

There is a chance that your cat is spraying. If this is the case there is a clear distinction that is often overlooked. This involves your cat urinating while standing up, rather than crouching down.

This makes a difference to how the urine comes out. For example, when they are standing, or vertical, they are spraying urine. Whereas, when they are crouched down, it will come out in a controlled stream.

The spraying is often used for territory marking. Or, if your cat has not been neutered, whether male or female, it may be used as a mating call.

6. Arthritis

Another issue for peeing over the edge, or outside the litter tray is arthritis. This means that they have extreme joint pain when they move. So, when they attempt to climb into the litter tray it may feel like more pain than its worth.

Resulting in it urinating outside of the box. This condition is common in older cats, or even us humans. In time, with age, the joints become worn out, inflamed and cause pain.

For these cats it’s better to not have high-sided litter trays to make it easier for them to get into.

7. Stress

Stress is another factor. It is not always that obvious. But, even minor things like a new pet or family member may unsettle the cat.

For example, you get a new cat, with the hope to make it happy with a new friend. But, it gets stressed out with it and starts to spray to mark its territory. This is a claim to tell the new cat to back-off!

How Can I Stop My Cat Peeing Over the Edge of Its Litter Box?

If you want your cat from peeing all over the edge of its litter box, you need to first know the reason and then try to find the solution.

Some of the ways you can stop your cat from doing this are:

1. Use a High-Sided Litter Box

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One way you can prevent your cat from peeing over the litter box’s edge is by getting a high-sided litter box.

For example, this high-sided litter box (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) is rust-free, durable, odor and stain-free, and lastly, can easily solve your problem by preventing the pee from getting out of the litter box.

2. Keep the Litter Box Clean and Tidy

You also need to make sure that the litter box you are using is well-maintained and clean. It should not smell bad or have a lot of residues from the past.

A dirty litter box will repel your cat, remember that!

3. Relocate The Litter Box

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the litter box but with its position. A cat may not like to do its business in the same place where you feed her.

So, make sure you try relocating the litter box in a different and clean area.

4. Buy a New Litter Box

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As mentioned above, your cat may not like the type and feel of the litter box. The size may not be apt for your cat either. In this case, consider buying a new litter box for your cat.

5. Take Them to the Vet

If nothing works, you need to fix an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

How Often Should You Change Out All the Kitty Litter?

You need to ensure proper cleanliness when it comes to your cat’s litter box. Here’s how many times you should change the kitty litter.

Generally, you may only have to replace the clay litter twice a week. However, it also depends on how dirty it gets. Sometimes, replacing it once a week will be enough while other times you may even have to do it daily.

If you clean your kitty’s litter box every day, you simply have to change the clumping litter two or three times a week.

Can Urinary Tract Infections in Cats Go Away on Their Own?

When it comes to urinary tract infections in cats, it may cause mild to severe discomfort to your cat. If it is mild, it will go away on its own after some time. If it is severe, you may have to seek medical help immediately.

No matter which case it is, don’t hesitate to go to the vet immediately and consult them.

How Do You Tell if a Cat Has a UTI?

One of the most common reasons for discomfort in cats is UTI or urinary tract infection.

If you suspect that your cat is feeling uneasy these days, try looking out for the signs given below.

  • Your cat urinates a lot these days or very frequently
  • Your cat doesn’t pass a lot of urine
  • Your cat has to strain a lot to urinate properly
  • Your cat’s pee has blood in it
  • Your cat is peeing outside its own litter box

So, consider these things as red flags and consult a vet immediately.

Should you Rub Your Cats Nose In the Pee?

You may have read that rubbing a cat’s nose in pee can make them pee in the litter box. However, this is not the truth. Rubbing your cat’s nose in pee is not just a gross and cruel punishment but also a totally ineffective one.

In fact, this can add more problems to an already existing one as your cat may develop feelings of fear and anxiety.

Do Cats Pee on Things Out of Spite?

When cats pee inappropriately, there are two reasons possible – medical or behavioral. So, if your cat is acting out, it is because of some internal problems or external problems related to the environment.

Thus, the cats never pee on things out of spite.

Why Do Cats Pee Outside a Litter Box?

Cat peeing over edge of litter box.

Cat hiding in shame.

If your cat is peeing outside the litter box, then there are two major reasons responsible such as:

1. Health Problems

Health problems are one of the major reasons why cats pee outside the litter box. For example, your cat may have diarrhea and constipation. So, your cat may have to go immediately and may not make it to the litter box that fast.

Some other causes can also be urinary tract infection or a chronic illness.

2. Behavioral Problems

If your cat doesn’t have any medical problems, it may have behavioral problems that are making it pee outside the box.

For example, some of the issues include:

  • Dirty litter box
  • Improper location of the litter box
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Changes in the household like an introduction of a new pet
  • Adopted cat or kitty

So, these are some of the reasons why your cat is peeing out of the litter box.

What Are the Common Medical Issues Associated With This?

If your cat has a urine problem, there may be four different causes responsible for it.

  1. Bladder Infection: This is one of the most common medical issues in cats related to improper urination.
  2. Cystitis: Present in some cats due to the consumption of dry foods.
  3. Microscopic Crystals: Also irritates cats.
  4. Bladder Stones: Responsible for bladder pain and irritation

For proper diagnosis, make sure you visit and consult a vet.

Could Your Litter Tray Be Too Deep?

If the depth of the litter (can cats find the litter at night? Click here) is more than two inches deep, your cat may not like that. So, the depth of the litter tray doesn’t matter as much as the actual depth of litter.

What can you do if your cat is spraying and missing the litter tray?

If your cat is spraying and missing the litter tray then you can try a couple of things. Firstly, you can make sure you have multiple litter trays so it feels like it has its own one.

Another tactic is to try some pheromone diffusers. These are known to calm cats in certain circumstances.

Why does my cat stand on the edge of the litter tray to poop?

This may happen when your cat is unhappy with litter in the tray. It will, effectively, be avoiding the letter in the tray that it does not like.

If this is the case, then try another brand or style. Or, if you have recently switched the litter, try going back to the old one if this is possible.

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