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Cat Peeing on Carpet After Moving (Why? & What Now?)

If your cat has suddenly started peeing on your carpet after moving you may be shocked, wondering why it happened, eager to learn how to clean it up (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon), and ways to stop it from happing.

Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Carpet After Moving?

There are several reasons why your cat may be peeing on your carpet after moving, such as stress, anxiety, a medical issue, such as a UTI, unhappy with its litter tray, unhappy with the location of the litter tray in your new home, etc.

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So, now you know why your cat may be peeing on your carpet after moving. Keep reading to learn how you can stop it, what you can do to relax your cat in its new home, if there is any chance she could try and return to your old home, and so much more…

6 Main Reasons Your Cat is Peeing on Your Carpet

As discussed, there are a lot of potential reasons that can cause your cat to change its normal urinating habits. However, the main reasons are:

  1. Experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, or fear.
  2. Moving to a new house or introducing someone new to the household could also be the reason why your cat is urinating abnormally.
  3. Your cat can also be expressing dominance if there is another cat around. Peeing to spread the smell is a sign of showing power and marking properties in the animal world.
  4. Relocating the litter box, especially if your cat is used to peeing in one place for a long period of time. It can confuse your cat.
  5. If the litter tray is uncomfortable or made out of a material that your cat does not like, it can cause your cat to pee on the carpet or anywhere else but the litter box.
  6. Your cat can be suffering from a medical condition such as a urinary blockage. So, consult your vet if you noticed any kind of abnormal behavior or signs of pain from your cat.

How Can I Clean the Cat Pee of My New Carpet?

Here is what you should do if your cat peed on your new carpet.

  1. Use paper towels to get as much urine as you can off the carpet until the new paper towel is dry.
  2. You can use your vacuum (Click here to see the best one for cat urine) to suck in the rest of the urine.
  3. Mix one cup of warm water with a one-quarter teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Pour the mixture on the carpet or use a spray bottle if available.
  4. Use new clean paper towels to extract the cleaning solution off the carpet.
  5. Pour warm water on the dirty spot and use paper towels or a clean cloth to extract the water.
  6. Repeat the process until the stain and the smell are gone.
  7. It is essential to use an enzyme-based cleaner to dissolve any uric acid left and get rid of the stain completely.

If the urine spot has been there for a long time, you can use a black light to locate it (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). Once you have located it, you can soak the area generously with an enzyme-based cleaner (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). Your carpet will smell and look fresh again.

How Can I Stop My Cat Peeing on the Carpet?

Cat peeing on carpet after moving.

Cat peeing on carpet after moving.

It can be very frustrating if your cat developed a habit of peeing on the carpet instead of the litter box. Here is how you can deal with the situation.

01. Place Litter Tray On Carpet Temporarily

The most effective method to prevent your cat from peeing on her favorite carpet is placing the litter tray on top of the carpet. After a few weeks or preferably a month, move the tray a little by little every day till you reach the spot you want.

02. Flip The Carpet

If your cat likes the texture of the carpet, another method would be flipping the carpet over. It can discourage your cat from peeing on the carpet again since they do not find the texture that they like.

03. Visit a Veterinary Doctor

Addressing any medical condition is very critical in such situations, especially if your cat has changed her urinating habits all of a sudden.

They could be suffering from a urinary blockage or an infection that should be treated urgently. So, taking your cat to the vet is a wise thing to do.

Do Cats Get Anxious When They Move Home?

Yes, your cat can get very anxious when you move homes. The rapid and sudden change in familiar odors and the environment can all add up to the stress and anxiety of your kitten.

This increased stress and anxiety can turn into aggression, abnormal behavior, or even change in urinating habits. Your cat may start to pee on the carpets and floors out of stress.

One way to decrease their anxiety is by surrounding the cat with all the familiar family members from the old house.

You can also make your cat their own quiet room away from all the hustle with their favorite toys and litter tray for a while.

Can Cats Find Their Way Back to Their Old Home?

Some cats can find their way back home, but, it depends on your cat. If your cat is indoor-only (Click here to see if these cats can become outdoor), they will not travel far away. On the other hand, indoor/outdoor cats tend to be adventurous and follow their instinct, and travel far away.

In fact, cats have an instinct that can make them travel hundreds of miles to go back to their old home.

However, many challenges can make your cat anxious, and end up not trusting her inner compass. Traffic noise, dogs, different odors, teasing kids, and other threatening animals can all result in the cat getting scared and lost.

How Can I Make Moving With My Cat More Comfortable in the Future?

Moving houses can be very stressful for your cat. Here are a few steps that can make your cat less anxious:

  • Maintain the same routine that your cat is used to throughout the whole moving process.
  • Surround your cat with the same family members that they used to stay with, in the old household. Their familiar scents will make your cat more comfortable and less anxious.
  • Talk to your vet before you move out. There are several supplements and medications your vet can prescribe that can reduce the feeling of anxiety and fear for your cat.

How Can I Relax My Cat in My New Home?

To make your cat more relaxed while moving houses, you need to take them away from all the hustle of moving boxes, luggage, etc.

Once you have reached the new house, take your cat to a quiet and peaceful room away from all the noises and loud hustle. In that room, put some water, food, litter tray, your cat’s favorite toys, and her bed.

Try to scatter some cat treats (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) all around the new room. It will keep your cat distracted and make her explore the new room thoroughly with no stress.

Keeping the cat in that quiet room for a few nights is a good idea to make your cat more familiar with the place and encouraged to stay without feeling overwhelmed with the rapid change.

Why Is My Cat Peeing on the Carpet but Pooping in the Litter Box?

This often happens when your cat is marking their territory. Your cat pees to spread its smell around and show their dominance. If you are introducing a new cat, dog, or any pet to the house, there is a good chance that your cat might start peeing on the carpets or floors.

It can also happen if you are moving houses and your cat wants to mark the new house as their new territory.

Why Does My Cat Keep Peeing in the Same Spot on the Carpet?

Cats are animals that are more likely to stick to a routine or a habit. When they have peed on a specific spot on the carpet a few times, they will develop a habit and start peeing on the same spot all the time.

They will keep thinking that the carpet is the right spot to pee on as long as it smells like their urine.

Can the Litter Tray Location Be an Issue?

Yes, it can be. Where the litter tray is located can discourage your cat from peeing comfortably, so they will start peeing on the carpets and floors instead.

Try locating the tray somewhere private and quiet to allow them to pee comfortably. Cats like their bathroom privacy just like us.

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