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Cat Peed On GPU (What Now?)

If you have noticed cat pee on your GPU, chances are you are angry, or annoyed, and looking for reasons why, and what can be done about it…

Why did my cat pee on my GPU?

Most signs point toward territory marking when your cat pees on your GPU. Many cats have peculiar behaviors which seem unexplainable. However, there is always a reason for your cat’s odd behavior, like peeing on your GPU.

Cats might pee on your GPU because they have not been properly potty trained. If too many cats share one litter box, your cat might seek a private area to relieve themselves. Most people keep their PC towers in quiet, remote locations. These remote locations are great for cats excusing themselves because they allow for privacy.

What is a GPU?

Black and silver GPU with two fans.

Black and silver GPU with two fans.

A GPU is a graphics processing unit. The GPU alters the amount of memory in your computer so it can accelerate image processing. The better your GPU is, the better your graphics will look. With a GPU, you can increase graphic quality. So, when the GPU gets damaged, your display will not work. While a cat peeing on your GPU is not always detrimental to your GPU, it will almost always disrupt your display.

Is it dangerous if a cat pees on a GPU?

It is not dangerous for your cat if they pee on your GPU while the computer is off. However, peeing on your GPU while your personal computer is on can potentially shock your cat, so you must use preventative measures to guarantee your cat does not hurt themselves.

Cat pee can damage your GPU significantly because it is a liquid with strong odors. Fluids are especially damaging to your GPU if your computer is on while your cat pees on it.

Can I still use my GPU if my cat peed on it?

You can still use a GPU after your cat pees on it if you clean it thoroughly. Ideally, you will want to clean your GPU using distilled water before using your GPU again. Isopropyl alcohol can help sterilize and remove odors from your GPU, making it a must-use solution after your cat pees on your GPU.

Let the GPU completely dry before turning it on and using it. If you use it too early while it is still wet, you can permanently damage the GPU.

How can I prevent my cat from peeing on my GPU?

A lock with a key in it.

A lock with a key in it.

Implementing preventative measures can keep your cat from peeing on your GPU. Essential techniques like using anti-pee repellants can keep your cat from approaching your personal computer, preventing your cat from spraying or peeing on your GPU. Preventative measures are more important than fixing reoccurring problems because the solutions are relatively simple and always affordable.

The following preventative measures can prevent your cat from peeing on your GPU:

  • Locking the room’s door
  • Placing your personal computer in a locked cupboard
  • Using a secure computer case
  • Training your cat
  • Spraying or using anti-pee repellants near your GPU

If your cat has frequent issues peeing outside their litter box, you should investigate whether they have bladder issues. An ill-trained cat might pee outside of their litter boxes in hidden areas they find comfortable such as behind your computer tower.

How can I clean the cat pee off my GPU?

Clean cat pee from your GPU by turning off your computer and using distilled water to clean it. After cleaning it with distilled water, use isopropyl alcohol and q-tips to clean the GPU of all cat pee.

After cleaning your GPU with distilled water and isopropyl alcohol, use an air duster to remove any dust that might have become attached during the cleaning process. Leave the PC off while cleaning your PC and wait until it dries to turn it on.

How do I get the cat urine smell out of my computer?

Eliminate the cat urine smell from your computer by gently cleaning your GPU -or any other part of your computer- with distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Distilled water removes the top layer of urine, breaking away the top layer of grime. Isopropyl alcohol will remove intense odors from your personal computer, leaving it sterile and odorless.

If the smell persists after sterilizing it with isopropyl alcohol, you should try to give it another cleaning, including the distilled water. Use q-tips to get small edges of your GPU and other small parts. Consider cleaning the surrounding area to upheave different sections with cat pee. Investigate your computer tower entirely to see if another part of your computer is also covered in cat urine. Generally, it should not take more than two cleans to remove the smell from your computer, but some urine has a more pungent stench than others.

How do I get rid of the cat spray smell?

You can eliminate the cat spray smell by cleaning it as quickly as possible with a non-toxic, natural cleanser. A non-toxic cleaner is perfect for pets because it ensures they will not get sick by smelling or licking the area you have cleaned. Non-toxic cleaners are essential for cats because cats are curious animals, so they will investigate any site after you have introduced a new smell.

In addition to cleaning the sprayed area immediately, you should also clean the surrounding area. Many male cats have an indefinite spray pattern that covers a large area. If you concentrate cleaning on your GPU, you might miss some of the cat’s strong smell on the wall, floor, PC case, and other areas. Perform thorough cleaning on your GPU and the surrounding area to ensure that everything is odor-free, not just your GPU.

Do male cats that are fixed spray?

Most male cats will not spray after getting neutered. Approximately 5 to 10 percent of males continue spraying after being fixed. Although it is a small percentage, you should not reprimand the natural behavior since your male cat cannot control this behavior. Instead, it would be best to continue practicing preventative measures even after neutering your cat. Fixed cats have a better time controlling themselves. However, stress and confusion may still cause your feline to perform spraying behavior.

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