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Cat Peed During Fight (Why? Now What? & Prevention)

If your cat has peed itself during a fight you may be wondering why this happened, and how you can stop this from happening in the future (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Why Did My Cat Pee During a Fight?

Due to this aggressive attack, your cat may get fearful. It may also cause your cat to develop behavioral issues such as urine spraying, urinating, and defecating at improper times. Note that such urine spraying is seen not just in the victim cat but sometimes, in the aggressive cat too. This is the main reason why your cat peed during a fight.

So, now you understand why your cat peed itself during that fight. Keep reading to learn why cats fight, how you can prevent more fights in the future if you should break up these fights, and so much more…

Why is My Cat Fighting?

Cat peed during fight.

Cat peed during fight.

If your cat keeps fighting then there must be some reason for it. Given below is a list of all the possible reasons you may want to know:

1. They Want Their Territory

Cats are territorial animals. They want to show the other cats that they own a particular area. So, to defend their territory, they will get into a fight with other cats. Now, this issue is more common with stray cats.

However, it can also happen between stray and non-stray cats where your cat may fight with the other to show that this is their territory.

Additionally, such fights often happen with two cats staying in the same home as cats tend to mark their territories with their scent.

2. They Are Aggressive

Another reason why your cat is acting out is that they are aggressive by nature.

There are plenty of cats, especially male cats, that tend to show aggression towards other cats such as their siblings or other stray cats.

3. They Are Just Playing

Cats fighting may seem like a serious issue but sometimes, it is just a harmless play. Many cats tend to get rough while playing. It is not because of any underlying issue but rather, just their nature.

In such a case, just separate the two cats to calm them down. So, these three are the most probable reasons why your cat is fighting.

How Can I Help to Prevent Cats From Fighting At My House?

Catfights can get pretty rough and damaging if you don’t try to prevent them. Here’s the good news – You can always try to prevent the cats from fighting by following the below tips.

  • Know The Cause: It’s necessary to know the cause of the fight if you want to prevent it. It can be a behavioral problem or territorial.
  • Give Each Cat Enough Space: If you have more than one cat in your house, make sure both of them have equal space and areas to prevent territorial problems.
  • Consult a Vet: If you feel like your cat is unnecessarily fighting a lot, consulting a vet is the best idea. Your cat may be going through some underlying problem, you may not be aware of.

Why dominance is important to cats

Many cats are dominating, territorial, and aggressive in nature. To show their dominance, they challenge other cats for a fight and get aggressive.

Now, certain cats may become the victim of aggression and show fear. This type of fear stimulates the aggressive cat to attack.

Can Two Male Cats Live Together?

It is not a great idea for two male cats to live together. Firstly, both the cats would want to show dominance over the other. Additionally, they will also try to mark and capture each other’s territories.

When we talk about two male cats living together, know that there will be a lot of aggression. If there’s a female cat in heat, the situation can get much worse as both the male cats will want to mate, if they are unneutered.

How Do You Calm Down An Angry Cat?

Due to various reasons, you may see your cat getting angry repeatedly. Some of the signs include growling, hiding, tail twitching, clawing at furniture, and sometimes, excessive purring too.

Now, there are certain ways you can try to calm your cat down. However, it also depends on the cause of the anger, here are some suggestions:

01. Approach Gently and Do Not Corner

Your cat may exhibit angry behavior because of fear. In this situation, make sure that you reach out to your cat slowly and gently. You need to show them that you’re an ally, not a threat.

Make sure you don’t corner them. Rather, sit at a distance and call them. You can also do it by offering them a treat. When they come to you, don’t touch them suddenly. Let them sniff you and trust you first.

02. Distract Your Cat

Sometimes ignoring your cat when it’s angry can be a good idea. However, not in all cases. Try to distract your cat by throwing their favorite toys or shaking a coin jar to get them in a playful mood. Remember that you shouldn’t punish or touch an angry cat as they may attack you.

03. Give Them Space

Sometimes, your cat may just want some space instead of too much commotion. So, ensure that your cat’s kennel or sleeping area is in a peaceful environment. This can help in pacifying your cat.

Should I Just Let My Cats Fight It Out?

It’s definitely not a good idea to let your cats fight it out. Cats don’t try to resolve their problems with the help of fighting. In fact, it can lead to severe injuries if you don’t stop your cats. You may feel like letting your cats ‘fight it out’ is a good idea. But, it’s not.

How Do You Break Up a Cat Fight?

If you’re unaware of how to break up a catfight, keep reading…

01. Do Not Get In Between

Getting in between the cats may seem like the best and easiest option but it isn’t. During a fight, your cats are probably going through an adrenaline rush.

Due to this, they may not even see who they’re attacking. So, you may end up with scratch marks or other such injuries.

02. Stay Out of the Way

Try to sort out the fight from a distance. You can try to clap loudly and get their attention. You may also spray water lightly or shake a coin can to divert their attention towards you.

03. Keep the Cats Away

Once your cats have stopped fighting, keep them separated. Don’t allow them to share food, water, or kennel as that may also trigger a fight. Just keep them away in every aspect.

Can Cats Kill Each Other In a Fight?

Catfights can get serious and there might be a lot of injuries. Yet, cats are not known to kill each other during a fight. It is even rarer in domesticated cats. Still, make sure that you break them apart to avoid fatal injuries.

Is It Normal For A Cat to Pee When Scared?

If your cat has only peed once or twice, it isn’t much of a big deal. On the other hand, if your cat keeps urinating everywhere during a fight or even after a fight, you may need to consult a veterinary doctor.

What Does an Aggressive Cat Look Like?

There are plenty of signs that give away the aggression of a cat. Some of the main aggression signs to look out for are:

  • Arched back with an attacking stance
  • Dilated pupils
  • Erect tail with raised hair
  • Flattened ears towards the backward

Are Cats Happier in Pairs?

Sometimes, cats may give off an image that they’re better alone. However, cats in pairs are a much better option. It is because just like dogs, cats love socializing and playing with other cats. A problem only arises when there are two unneutered male cats as they may fight for dominance and territories.

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