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Cat Seems to Pee Out of Anger (Out of Control?)

If you have seen cat pee around your home you may be wondering what has caused this. And, it is normal for cat owners to assume it’s out of anger…

Do cats pee on things when they are mad?

Some cats appear to be angry when they pee, which makes their owner feel that is the reason why. But, when you look into it, it is not likely to the emotion of anger. In fact, it could be because they are in pain, or another issue, and are signaling for help.

So, now you know it is unlikely to be anger. But, do cats pee when they are stressed out? Could this pee actually be spray? And, if so, what is the difference? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.


Why do cats pee where they shouldn’t?

Cats that pee outside of their litter box usually fall into one of two categories: Either they have a health issue, such as a urinary tract infection (UTI), or they have developed a behavioral problem, which could have seemed from an experience that has made them anxious.

If you have noticed that your cat is peeing all over the place many cat owners scratch their heads wondering why, right? Well, now you have a good idea of what could be the main reason for this.

Will cats pee out of spite?

Cat seems to pee out of anger- out of control.

An angry cat.

Cats are not likely to pee out of spite. Some cat owners think this is the case but that is more likely to be a misunderstanding or coincidence. The underlying issue is likely to be that they are unhappy with something, like their litter tray, or have a health issue.

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It’s easy to get upset when you see cat pee all over your stuff. Let’s face it, who loves this? But, as you have learned, it’s unlikely to be out of spite. Cat’s don’t think the same as we do, and spite is quite a complex thought process.

Could this have happened for another reason?

This peeing incident is very likely to be another reason, such as you leaving the cat’s litter tray dirty. Simple things like this can turn it away from it and use your home as a litter tray.

The challenge with this situation is investigating what the root cause is and what you can do to stop it from happening.

Do cats pee when they are stressed?

If your cat is stressed it could pee inappropriately. For example, it may feel the need to spray and mark its territory if it feels threatened by another local cat. Spraying, in this manner, is different from normal cat pee.

Later in this article, I will give you some other examples of how spraying and urinating are different. But, at least you understand that this can be linked to stress.

What things could stress out your cat to make this happen?

There are several reasons why your cat may have felt stressed and fone this, such as:

01. Moved home

If you recently moved home it may seem like a simple thing to you. But, a cat may feel uneasy and stressed. They prefer set routines and locations rather than being moved around.

02. New family member

If you have a new member of your family, such as a new baby, your cat may feel uneasy about it. It may take them some time to get used to your baby or another family member.

03. Change of cat food

If you have recently changed your cat’s food this can also be a trigger for them to get stressed out. As simple as this may seem it is possible.

04. Litter box location

The location of your cat litter box is important. It may be moved to a place where they do not feel comfortable or too many people around. This could stress them out and make them not want to use it. Resulting in your home being used as a litter tray.

What should you check first?

One of the challenges is working out what the problem is. The best method is to focus on the basic things first such as your liter tray location, new family member, etc. Also, it is important to rule out any health-related issues with a vet checkup.

If you are confused about where you should start to get to the bottom of this you should now have a few pointers that you can use to start investigating.

What medical issues could cause this behavior?

Several medical issues can cause this behavior such as bladder infections, UTI, cystitis, irritation from crystals in their bladder, etc. Most cat owners assume it is just a bladder infection, but it could be a few.

If you fear that your cat has a health issue that is causing these problems it is important to have an idea of what it could be. So, now you have an idea of what it could be. But, it is better to consult with your vet, rather than trying to guess yourself.

Could this angry pee really be spraying?

There is a chance that this perceived angry cat pee could actually be spray. The main difference is how the pee is done. For example, when a cat decided to urinate outside of its litter tray it will be a large volume, typically on your floor.

But, if it is spraying the chances are it will be done on a wall, or verticle surface. Also, the volume of pee will be much less. The idea with spraying is to mark it rather than saturating your wall.

This behavior is more likely with a male cat. And, an unneutered one at that. Although it is possible with a neutered male cat.

How can you check if it’s a medical issue or behavioral problem?

The best way to check for a health issue is to check in with your vet. But, as well as this you can look out for some obvious signals such as discolored urine, pain when it urinates, visual abdominal pain, etc.

Sometimes these symptoms may not be as obvious as you would expect. But, if you are not sure the best thing to do is to double-check with your vet rather than guessing.

Do cats urinate if there is conflict in the home?

If you have more than one cat in your household there is a good chance that they could disagree. And, if they are males, you can increase those chances by a factor of 5. If there is conflict there is a good chance that one male cat could mark its territory as a result.

The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to work out which cat has done it. To get around this you can speak to the vet about a particular dye that you can get. this will make it clear which cat has left the mess behind. And then you can look into your next plan of action.

Where are you likely to find cat pee around your home?

If your cat is unhappy with its cat litter it could pee in several places. Such as your carpet (Click here to see what to do about this), on hardwood floors (Click here to learn more), on your clothes, etc.

It’s easy to get stressed out about the cat pee. But, if you can identify the issue, such as a litter problem, you can stop the problem pretty fast.

Lindsey Browlingdon