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Can A Cat Flap Be Too High? (Or Just Rumors?)

If you are trying to fit a cat flap or researching them you may be wondering if there is an ideal height fr them…

Can a cat flap be too high?

A cat flap can be too high. When this happens your cat may struggle to get in and out of it, Therefore, as a guide, it should be approximately 15cm from the ground. This will give it enough clearance from the ground and follows the average stomach height of cats.

My Best Cat Flaps (Cat Mate vs SureFlap):

Name Image My Rating
Microchip Pet Door Connect
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5 stars
Microchip Cat Flap
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4 stars
Cat Mate
Microchip Cat Flap
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3.5 stars
Cat Mate
Small Electromagnetic Cat Flap
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4 stars

So, now you know. But, how long do cats typically take to adjust to these cat flaps? Are they easy to fit? What is better, the cat mate, or sure flap cat flap? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How long does it take for a cat to get used to a cat flap?

cat mate vs sureflap

A cat standing near its cat flap.

A cat could take to a cat flap within days, while others could take weeks. However, most cats are quite clever when it comes to cat flaps so expect it to be more nearer the former. But, it’s important not to start training your kitten to use it until it is at least 6 months old.

If you start this cat flap training too early you may struggle to get it to use it.

Are cat flaps dangerous?

Cat flaps are not generally dangerous if they are fitted correctly and you are patient training them. However, you should never rush this training stage. Meaning, do not get frustrated and try and push the cat through to try and speed it up. The chances are your cat won’t forgive you and it will take longer to train it.

Using this kind of negative reinforcement technique rarely works with cats. They will either rebel or cause a beak-down in your relationship.

Should I lock my cat flap at night?

Ideally, you should provide access to the cat flap at all times. This is because it avoids confusion for the cat and allows it to let itself in and out without fear of being locked in (or out). However, if you are worried about it being open feel free to lock it or get a cat flap that will only allow access to your cat.

Top 10 Cat Breeds

Regarding the latter, a cat flap that has a microchip (more on this later) will help to keep the cat flap secure and avoid other cats, or animals, gaining access.

Are cat flaps easy to fit?

Cat flaps are generally easy to fix. However, that is assuming it’s being attached to a wooden door. Other materials like uPVC (click here for more info) or glass is more difficult.

If you are trying to fit it to anything other than wood it may be best to seek some professional advice, or completely outsource the job.

What is a microchip cat flap?

A microchip cat flap is basically a locking mechanism that uses the existing microchip lodged in many modern cat’s bodies to unlock the cat flap.

In most countries and US states, many cats have these microchips as a way of identification. And, these microchip cat flaps are simply reusing technology as a smart way to restrict access to unwanted cats.

What do you need to look out for when you’re buying a cat flap?

In this article, I will be comparing two brands: Sure Flap and Cat Mate. However, regardless of your choice of brand, it’s important to know the different types of models available and the advantages of each.

There are many different cat flaps available on the market but two of the most popular ones nowadays are:

  • Microchip verification
  • Magnetic locking mechanism

The magnetic locking mechanism

This mechanism is handy because you can have a magnetic tag around your cat’s neck. This will allow them access to the cat flap.

In theory, this will eliminate any other cat that does not have the matching tag to gain entry into your cat flap. The only issue with this is if you have an unknown cat with a similar magnetic tag it is possible for them to gain entry into your house.

In addition to this if your cat loses this tag then it won’t be able to gain entry to your house. It will just be a headache for you to deal with.

The microchip cat flap

As briefly discussed earlier the microchip technology allows personalized keys for your cat. When I say “keys”, I mean digital rather than physical keys, are you with me?

Let me give you an example of this: Your cat is likely to have a microchip already, embedded in its neck, right?…

This is a personal identification unique to your cat. So, even if the next-door cat has a microchip it will not have the same information stored on the chip. Why? Because the chip is a unique identification to only one cat, that’s the point of it.

So, the beauty of these cat flaps is:

  • Personalized entry for your cat only.
  • Don’t have to worry about your the cat losing its tag.
  • Lockout any unwanted cats.

For that reason, I’m going to breakdown the best models for Cat mate and Sureflap focusing on these two types of popular technology.

My Best SureFlap & Cat Mate Cat flaps:

What is the best Cat Mate or Sureflap Cat Flap? In my opinion, this is the best cat flap (Click to see the price on Amazon #Ad). This is because of the cool mobile app, curfew feature, and microchip-enabled locking mechanism.

Now that you know my personal choice. Let me share the details on how I arrived at this conclusion…

01. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect

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  • “Curfew” feature to set specific times.
  • Manually lock it once it detects your cat has entered.
  • Chip reader works incredibly fast.
  • A cool mobile app – sends notifications when your cat uses it.


  • Needs an undocumented “Intruder” or “Custom” mode to repel unwanted animals such as raccoons.
  • The magnet, that holds the door is a little too strong.

What I like

This is one of SureFlap’s leading models and has a microchip locking mechanism. It has some smart features such as allowing you to set a curfew. Meaning you can select times when the cat flap (Can it be fitted on a uPVC door? Click here) will be open and closed.

You can also set it to automatically lock once it detects that your cat has entered the property. The good thing about this is, there are times when you may want your cat to stay in after a certain time, and its ideal for that.

The mechanism works really fast and is quite responsive. It also has an app that goes along with it that gives you notifications when your cat enters and exits the property for your monitoring purposes.

What I Don’t Like

However, some negative things I would say about this device…

Although it is possible to restrict access to unwanted animals, such as raccoons. It is not easy to find instructions on how to do this. In fact, it actually has two specific modes for this:

  • Intruder mode
  • Custom mode

This is ideal for this but for some unknown reason, it’s not well documented in the manual. So, it is a good feature. But, I would appreciate it if they made it more obvious. Without having to call customer support to find this out.

Another negative thing I would say is, it is not a very big cat flap. So, if you have a very big cat. For example a quite large Maine Coon (Click here to see why Maine Coon cats are so big) you may struggle to get them through.

02. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

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  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy to program – such as unlocking for selected pets (easy to do).
  • Don’t need an annoying collar for your cat.


  • The door is quite small.
  • Makes loud flip noises.
  • Can consume batteries quickly

What I Like

This cat flap is really easy to install which makes life easier for you. Very easy to program it so, it restricts access to only the pets that you want to gain entry.

No need to worry about cat tags being lost because it will read the existing microchip embedded in your cat.

What I don’t like

There are a few negative things I would say about this…

Firstly, it is possible for a persistent raccoon, with enough force and desire to open the cat flap. Also, the actual flap itself is quite noisy. So, if your door is located next to your bedroom, it might be an idea to either relocate it or deactivate it when you’re sleeping.

Finally, I would say it’s ideal for an average-sized cat. But, if you have quite a big cat it may be too small for her.

03. Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

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  • Easy installation and set up
  • Entry operated by your cat’s implanted microchip – keeps stray pets out.
  • Easy to use, with a rotary 4-Way Lock.
  • Easy to program


  • Not suitable for large cats.
  • It May not unlock if your cat’s microchip is not in a specific place.

What I like

This cat flap uses microchip technology so you do not have to worry about your cat losing any magnetic tags. It’s very easy to get up and running and actually quite easy to program.

What I don’t like

A couple of negative things I would say…

It is not ideal for really large cats. Also, you may have difficulties with the microchip mechanism. If the location of your cat’s microchip is not on the scruff of its neck, you may need to relocate the chip to make it work.

You may also find some inconsistencies with the sensitivity of the cat flap. On some occasions, it may open without hesitation, almost instantly.

Then on other occasions, you may encounter that there is a slight delay. This can confuse your cat. The only issue with this is, once your cat is confused it is unlikely to use it anymore.

04. Cat Mate Small Electromagnetic Cat Flap

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  • Easy to clean, simply wipe it.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Keeps unwanted animals out – Such as Raccoons, squirrels, etc.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Good size cat flap.


  • A locking mechanism is quite picky – Opens if the magnet is in exactly the right position.
  • Might not lock if a gust of wind or your cat’s tail blocks it.

What I like…

This cat flap does not use microchip technology. Instead, it uses magnetic strips. This means that your cat needs to have a special tag for it to gain access.

As discussed earlier there are some negatives with this. But, to be honest, this cat flap works quite well if this is the locking mechanism you’re looking for.

It’s easy to clean. Will allow fairly large cats to go through it. And, also keeps out animals like raccoons quite well.

Also, it has quite a long-lasting battery. Meaning, you do not have to keep having additional ongoing expenses with battery replacements.

What I don’t like…

A couple of negative things I would say about this cat flap…

It is very picky about how it unlocks the door, let e explain. If the magnetic strip is not in the precise position it won’t unlock.

The problem with this is, if your cat is not clever enough to hit that same position, it may get confused and start to not like using it.

Also, on the rare occasions where a gust of wind or your cat’s tail gets in the way, the flap might not actually lock back after your cat enters your property. Meaning there could be a chance that other stray cats or animals may gain entry.

Lindsey Browlingdon