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Cat Leaving Little Poop Nuggets (Why & What now?)

So, you may have noticed that your cat is leaving poop nugget all over your house and it may be driving you crazy.

Why is my cat leaving little poop nuggets?

Your cat is leaving poop nuggets around the house for one of two reasons. It’s either a behavioral problem or a health issue. if it’s a behavioral problem it could be anxiety or not enough litter boxes. But, if it’s a health issue it could be a bowel dysfunction and best to consult your vet.

What you need to help with these poop nuggets & Clean it

In this section, I have some items that will help you. Read below in the article for more details.

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So, now you know these nuggets can be a behavioral problem or health issue. But, how can you stop this happening? How can you remove dried poop off your kitty? Will milk help her poop better? Keep reading for these answers and so much more.

How to stop these poop nuggets?

Cats tray with poop nuggets

Cats tray with poop nuggets

If you have noticed these poop nuggets around your house you may be wondering what you can do to stop it happening, right?

There are three ways to stop these poop nuggets:

  • Consult your vet
  • Get more litter trays
  • Try another cat litter

In the first instance consult your vet to make sure there’s nothing seriously wrong. If the vet concludes there’s no health issue then you can look into other solutions such as purchasing more little boxes or trying out different cat litters.

So, now you know you have a few options to try. But, what is middening, is this related to your problem?

What is Middening in cats?

You may have heard of the term middening before and wondered what this means, and how does this relate to cats?

Middening is the deliberate elimination of feces by your cat. Often cats use this technique to mark their territory. The strong and potent smell of these feces will repel other cats and show their dominance.

So, now you know what middening is and how it relates to cats and why it is done. But, how do you get rid of dried poop off your cat?

How do you get dried poop off a cat?

If you have noticed that. while your cat is pooping around your house, there is dried poop on her. You may be scratching your head trying to think of ways to get rid of this awful mess, right?

To get rid of dried poop off your cat there are three stages:

  • Wiping the wet feces.
  • Moisten the dry feces.
  • Bathing your cat to remove the feces.

Wiping the wet feces & Moistening

To wipe the wet feces you will need some wet wipes. However, these wipes should be unscented or a wipe designed for cats especially (Click here to see their price on Amazon) so that it does not irritate your cat’s fur and skin. These wet wipes can also be used to moisten the dry feces as well.

Bathing your cat.

The last stage is bathing your cat with shampoo that is compliant for cats (Click here for the price on Amazon) into some warm water and creating a warm bath for your cat. You will need some gloves (Click here to see their availability on Amazon) to gently massage your cat and clean off the unwanted feces.

After this, your cat should be clean now. Dry off your cat and check to make sure that all of the mess is gone.

Will milk help my cat poop?

You may have heard rumors that milk will help with cat constipation. But, is this true or just rumors?

Yes, milk can indeed make your cat poop. Usually, cat milk is not desirable because most cats are lactose intolerant which can lead to diarrhea. But, in this situation, some cat owners have used this to eradicate constipation.

Other solutions can be used such as olive or fish oil. But, when cats poop is this out of spite or other reasons for it?

Do cats poop out of spite?

If you have noticed cat poop around your house you may be wondering if this is a spiteful move by your cat or maybe there is another reason?

No, cats do not poop out of spite. This is often linked to a behavioral issue such as anxiety, stress or they’re not happy with the litter box. Alternatively, it could be a health-related issue such as bowel dysfunction.

So, now you know cats do not poop out of spite it is usually linked with a behavioral or health issue. But, what about if your cat poops in your bed?

What does it mean when a cat poops on your bed?

Savannah cat in on bed

Savannah cat on a bed

If you have had the unfortunate situation where your cat has pooped on your bed. You may be going crazy, but more importantly, wondering why it’s happened all of a sudden.

Your cat could have pooped on your bed because it has anxiety issues. Another reason is it feels threatened by a recent houseguest. This may prompt your cat to poop on the bed to reclaim its territory and mark it.

So, now you know what it means when a cat poops on your bed. But, what do cats do with their poop, could they eat it?

Do cats eat their own poop?

You may have heard rumors that some cats eat their own poop (Click here to see if they will clean themselves off). But, is this true does it happen?

Yes, cats do eat their own poop. However, this is usually seen by a mother cat who is grooming her kittens. As the kittens watch their mother do this they may copy her. This behavior is believed to come from their ancestors who lived in the wild used to eat or hide their waste to cover their tracks.

So, now you know. Cats can eat their poop. But, it’s not done a lot. But, what if you have problems with your cat pooping, what can you do?

How can I stimulate my cat to have a bowel movement?

If you have noticed that your cat is struggling to poop. You may be wondering what you can do to try and help her.

To stimulate your cat’s bowel movement you can use some simple techniques. Such as, a bicycle exercise on her legs or even gently massaging her stomach. Alternatively, you can try to soak her in some warm water to stimulate her bowel movement.

So, now you know what you can do to stimulate your cat’s bowel movements. But, what happens if this doesn’t work?

What can I give my cat to help him poop?

If you have tried these tricks to stimulate bowel movement and it hasn’t worked. You may be wondering what else you can do to try and help your cat to poop, right?

To help your cat to poop you can offer him more fiber. This can be as simple as including some pumpkin into his diet. Other solutions include hairball remedies such as Laxatone, which can help with constipation.

So, now you know some other options to try and help your cat to poop. But, what about vinegar, does it stop cats from pooping?

Does vinegar stop cats from pooping?

You may have heard some rumors that vinegar stops cats from pooping. But, is this just rumors, or is it fact?

Yes, vinegar can stop cats from pooping (What about in your carrier? Click here). But, not in the way you are thinking. Vinegar often repels cats and some angry neighbors use vinegar to repel them. They simply place a vinegar solution in their garden to stop local cats from pooping in their yard.

So, now you know using vinegar can be an effective repellent for cats especially from angry neighbors that are sick and tired of cats pooping in their garden.

Lindsey Browlingdon