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Cat Biting Kittens Bum (Dominance or Sex Aggression?)

If you have noticed that your cat biting your kitten’s bum the chances are you are wondering why it is happening and if it is a cause for concern.

Why is my cat biting my kitten’s bum?

Your cat may be biting your kitten’s bum to either show dominance, sexual aggression or maybe inhaling its scent, aggressively. There is a gland that omits scent there. However, it’s more likely to be a show of dominance.

So, now you know why. But, could this be sexual aggression? What is this? Why do cats show dominance in this manner? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is cat sexual aggression?

Cat biting kittens bum?

A kitten hiding under a blanket.

Do cats bite bums for dominance?

Cats are known to bite another cat’s bum as a show of dominance. As well as biting other parts of their body. This is just one way that a cat can show that it is the one in charge of your home.

Kittens have a lot of energy and can sometimes irritate the resident cat. Therefore your cat may feel compelled to pull the kitten in line and make it clear who is the boss.

Have you ever pushed your luck with your mother as a child? And, what happened? If it were like my mum, you would have learned a memorable lesson not to mess with her. This is the same for a cat biting a cat’s bum in this manner.

Do kittens sometimes need help pooping?

Kittens do need help pooping sometimes. When this happens the mother cat is now to lick the kitten’s bum. As weird as this may sound to us humans this is not an issue for cats.

If you have ever witnessed this behavior you may have either been shocked or just intrigued to see why this was happening. If it was the latter you now have an idea of why this was happening.

Do some cats suck genitalia?

Some kittens do suck genitalia. While cats are young (kittens) they have the instinct to suck. This is to help them to get valuable milk from their mother.

However, if their mother is not there or they can’t get to her they may try and suck on the genitalia of another kitten. This may just be an accident, a freak of nature, who knows.

The problem with this is it can harm the victim’s genitalia and they need to be separated. If it keeps happening you may need to keep that particular kitten separate long-term.

Why are cats so aggressive when mating?

Cats have an instinct to be quite aggressive when mating. You may see the tomcat pinning the female down and screams from the female cat during mating.

This screaming is believed to be because of the spikes on the tomcat’s penis. When it is entered, it is flat but, then these spikes are activated while it is inside. Which causes the female to scream in this manner and makes it look even more aggressive.

Do cats in heat get aggressive?

Female cats are known to become more aggressive during their heat cycle. You may also notice a change in their mood. This change can be the complete opposite of their usual demeanor.

There is no way to control this because it is a natural behavior change caused by their hormones. So, it is not advisable to try and discipline the cat for this mood swing during this time.

What do cats do to show dominance?

Cats show dominance in several ways. This can be seen whether you have just one cat or more than one. Here are some things to look out for:

01. Hissing or Growling

Hissing or growling is a common display of dominance that is quite obvious to see. This tells the submissive cat to back off and let it claim its territory.

02. Urinating (Spraying) to claim territory

Another obvious attempt to show dominance is by claiming territory. This is typically done by spraying their scent onto an area to claim it. This will mark their scent to keep other submissive cats away.

03. Pushing cats around at feeding time

If you have more than one cat you may have seen one of the cats acting aggressively during mealtime. This can be a show of dominance. However, this could also be food aggression, but that is a topic for another day.

04. Pushing cats away from their water bowl

Similar to the food bowl you may see the dominant cat acting aggressively around the water bowl. This sends a message that they are in charge and must get what they want first.

It’s a bit like a school bully pushing in line for school dinners, they want to get served first, are you with me?

Should you punish your cat for biting your kitten’s bum?

You should not push your cat for biting your kitten’s bum. If you notice this happening you may want to punish the cat to teach it a lesson. But, it tends to confuse the cat. This can then lead to a defensive attack or a breakdown of trust for you.

Once you lash out at a cat it is not intelligent enough to connect your action to its behavior. Firstly, it may feel it is doing nothing wrong. And, lastly, it may not associate it as punishment for that act even if it did, are you with me?

Can a pheromone diffuser help to introduce your kitten?

A pheromone diffuser (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) can help to introduce a kitten. However, it can also be used going forward to calm an aggressive atmosphere.

These pheromones are known to cause a chemical calming effect on some cats that can be beneficial for cat owners. Hence the reason why they are quite popular.

Can a stressed cat become aggressive?

A stressed cat can become aggressive. This can happen with a dominant cat and is often referred to as displaced aggression. So, your cat could get chased home by another cat then take out its stress on one of your other cats.

If you have ever been in an office environment and seen a co-worker get told off by their boss. Who then becomes stressed for the rest of the day and takes it out on other co-workers. This is the same thing as cats displaced aggression.

Is a male cat more likely to act aggressively?

Generally speaking, a male is more aggressive. Especially when paired with another male cat. They are known to battle for dominance and over a female to mate with.

This behavior is not just reserved for cats other animals tend to have this same behavior including humans who are likely to fight over a girl that they like.

Can a new kitten affect the hierarchy in your home?

IF you have multiple cats the arrival of a new kitten or cat (Can they be left alone together?) can affect the hierarchy. In some cases, you may see different behaviors on a room-by-room basis.

So, one cat could act dominant in one room and then act submissive in another. The reality is the kitten will almost always be assumed to be the submissive one in any room due to its size.

But, some kittens can be quite pushy and antagonize the other resident cats making them either lash out or not want to be around it.

Why is my cat biting her kittens hard?

As long as your cat’s bites are not breaking the skin, then you won’t need to worry. Cats will often chastise a kitten with a quick, sharp bite, that gets their attention but shouldn’t be breaking the skin. If you are worried, check the kitten’s skin in the bitten area, and it should be free of punctures.

If, however, there is blood, then you will need to separate the kitten for their safety and contact your vet, as you may need to wean the kitten yourself if the mom has rejected it and is endangering their safety.

Why does my cat bite my kitten’s legs?

A scary/angry-looking cat with teeth shown.

A scary/angry-looking cat with teeth shown.

When your cat does this, it is generally an aggressive ‘cue’ for the kitten to hurry up and move away. While the kitten will likely panic and make a big deal out of it, as long as the older cat is not breaking the skin then you shouldn’t need to worry.

Cats communicate in several ways and while a quick, sharp bite or your cat nipping at the heels of the kitten might look a bit scary, as long as they aren’t piercing the skin then it’s best to just let it run its course. Think of it as a ‘cat spanking’ and you’re on the right track for interpreting this behavior.

Can instinct cause a cat to bite another cat’s bum?

Yes, this can be instinctual behavior, and unneutered male cats are usually the worst offenders in this regard when another male cat is in the house.

Typically, one male will try to bite the other bum or testicles as an aggressive show of dominance and experts recommend that you consider neutering the aggressor to calm the cat’s aggression levels down and to put a stop to this behavior.

Females will sometimes do this to males as well, although this is typically not going to be done to the point of actual harm, just to give the male a bit of a scare so that he understands that the female is not to be trifled with.

Why does my cat also bite while grooming?

White kittens playing with their mother.

White kittens playing with their mother.

Biting during grooming is typically done for one of two reasons. The first is that a quick, sharp bite that doesn’t pierce the skin serves as an effective way to tell the other cat ‘stay still while I groom you’. The second most common reason is the removal of parasitic insects such as fleas or lice.

When that’s the case, you will usually see a quick, sharp bite, followed by ‘mowing’, where your cat takes little nips and moves forward a few inches, as if ‘mowing’ a grass lawn in rows.

Neither of these reasons should be a cause for alarm, however, as long as the bites are not causing bleeding or otherwise harming the other cat.

Why do cats bite each other (In general)?

When the biting is not hostile, it may occur for several different reasons. Cats will bite each other as a quick warning, for instance, that the other cat is doing something that is not going to be tolerated.

Cats will also give ‘play bites’ during bouts of wrestling around the house, and while they might look scary or even elicit a vocal response from the other cat, examination of the area will usually show that they weren’t harmed.

Cats will also bite each other or even you as a way to say ‘stop grooming/petting me, I’ve had enough’. Provided that your cat isn’t showing outright aggression signs, such as quick, sharp tail waving, ears bared back, or screeching then it should be fine.

Just leave the cat alone if you were bitten and if it was another cat that got the bite, they should get the message very quickly and leave the temperamental another cat alone.

How do you know if your cat is rejecting her kittens?

The most common thing you will see if a cat is rejecting her kittens is that she will move the kitten away from the rest or, failing this, you will see her pushing the kitten away or otherwise refusing to let it nurse from her.

Kittens need regular feedings to survive, especially in the first week when they must feed every 2 hours, so if you see these behaviors then you should call your vet right away. You will likely need to nurse the kitten with formula if they are to survive.

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