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Cat Begs For Food But Won’t Eat – What Now?

If your cat keeps begging for food but then just rejects it, you may be wondering why this just keeps on happening…

Why does my cat beg for food but doesn’t eat?

A cat constantly begging for food but refusing to eat might be suffering from a food allergy or gum disease. Oral diseases can be problematic and require treatment since they can worsen over time. 

Food allergies, like skin conditions, are less serious than oral diseases but they are still serious. To accommodate this issue, your veterinarian must prescribe some prescription hypoallergenic food. Hypoallergenic foods will prevent your cat from having an allergic reaction.

Should I be concerned if my cat begs but won’t eat?

A black cat next to it's feeding bowl by the wall.

A black cat next to its feeding bowl by the wall.

When your cat begs for food but does not eat, you should be concerned. When your cat begs for food but does not eat, this can signify major health problems. You should immediately investigate the issue and see if there are any underlying problems you must immediately address.

If you have exhausted all problems, including taking your cat to the vet, it might mean your cat feels attention deprived. You may address attention deprivation by spending more time with your cat.

What should I do if my cat keeps begging but not eating?

The first thing to do if your cat stops eating is to evaluate its overall behavior. If your cat has several symptoms of illness, this might indicate sickness or disease. If your cat suffers from a disease, you must take them to the vet for immediate treatment.

Problems can be minor, like dietary problems, or serious, like digestive issues. Cats do not always show signs of illness so you might want to visit the vet even if they do not show any symptoms. If you want to try changing your cat’s diet before taking them to the vet, this might solve their finicky behavior.

Only do this if you do not notice any peculiar symptoms or signs of illness.

Are cats known to be picky with their food?

A gray and black cat next to a water bowl.

A gray and black cat next to a water bowl.

Many cats are picky with their food because of the texture, taste, and type of food. Some cats will not eat dry food because of the texture and solidity, which can be hard on their teeth. Hard food is especially problematic for elderly cats.

Cats may also get bored if you feed them too much of the same food. They will grow tired of the same flavors so it can be helpful to change up their menu occasionally. For example, you can create a feeding routine of wet food in the evening and dry food in the morning.

Do cats get bored of the same food?

Cats might get bored of the same food if you feed them the same thing each mealtime. Unless your cat has a limited diet, you should try to expand your cat’s culinary horizons. In addition to various flavors, you should let your cat try different textures, styles, and more.

The more food you let your cat try, the more likely they will find something they will enjoy long-term. Many veterinarians recommend you should feed your cat wet food in addition to dry food. Feeding your cat two types of food gives them enough variety that they will not get bored.

Could my cat be refusing the food because it’s gone bad?

Cats might not eat their food because it has gone bad. Cats can tell when food has gone bad because of the changing texture, taste, and smell. It is easy for cats to determine whether food has expired, similar to the ways humans can tell if food is bad.

You must pay attention to expiration dates so you do not feed your cat expired food. Although they are cognizant of when food is bad, you should never feed them expired food.

If my cat is not sick, what else could cause it to refuse food?

Depression, anxiety, boredom, and many other things can make your cat refuse to eat. You should visit the veterinarian to determine if they are physically ill. Ask your vet whether they can treat your cat’s anxiety or depression.

Playing with your cat, showing them love, and interacting with your cat more can decrease depression. Consult your vet about their behavioral issues and ask them how to cope with these issues. Your vet might offer helpful suggestions to coerce your cat from its shy state.

Could my cat be begging for food just for comfort?

Cats sometimes ask for food because they want attention from their owners. Attention from owners provides comfort to cats. Delicious food, especially wet food, can respond emotionally to food.

So, pay close attention if your cat does not eat it. Avoid letting food become a comfort mechanism for your cat. Instead of feeding them when they beg for food, spend time with your cat by cuddling, petting, and playing with them.

Will cats starve themselves if they don’t like their food?

Cats may unintentionally starve themselves if they do not like their food. Owners will sometimes look at this as an act of protest because of how their cats react when they try to feed them. You must try new foods until you find something that your cat enjoys.

Eventually, once you try enough foods, you should find something your cat likes. Your cat will begin eating again and should stop starving themselves once they find food that satisfies their taste palette

How do I feed my cat that won’t eat?

You can feed a cat that won’t eat by expanding their diet and feeding them more flavorful food. A healthy diet with plenty of variety is perfect for cats. The best way to encourage your cat to eat is by feeding them canned cat food.

Wet food can be a delicious treat that comes in various flavor packs, perfect for the finicky cat who needs to expand their dietary horizons. The creamy texture is more appealing to cats than dry food, which can dehydrate and bore cats.

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