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Cat Attacks TV Screen (Why? + How to stop it)

If you are tired of your cat attacking your TV screen (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon #Ad) you may be keen to understand why it’s happening and how to stop it.

Why is your cat attacking the TV screen?

Your cat is attacking your screen because she is either confused and believes the people on screen are real. Or, she loves the fact she gets a reaction from you each time you respond.

What you will need to stop your cat attacking the TV

Description Image My Rating
01. K-berho cat toy (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Auoon cat toy
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03. Yuejing cat toy
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4 stars

Now that you know why your cat is attacking your screen. Keep reading to learn what you can do about it, the problem with some of these options, the best products to help you with this, and so much more.

How to stop your cat attacking the TV screen

Cat attacks tv screen.

A flat-screen TV next to a plant and TV stand.

In this section, I will explain how you can stop your cat from attacking your TV screen. I will share a few options with you that have some pros and cons.

Distracting your cat, positively (Best option)

This option is my preferred method because it makes your cat feel good and solves the problem for you. You need to provide some interesting cat toys to distract your cat, so she will stop going after your TV screen.

Punishing your cat, negatively

This is what a lot of cat owners do instinctively. They either shout at their cat or try and physically move him away from the screen. Hoping that she will just stop out of fear.

My issue with this punishment method

Firstly, this method very rarely works. And, is probably why you are here reading this, right? It just makes your cat get confused and start to resent you.

Blocking access to your TV room

Another sure-fire way to stop this from happening is to physically block access to the TV screen. There is no doubt if implemented correctly, it will work.

The problem with this blocking access method

The problem is, it is very hard to implement in some homes. Especially if you have your TV in a room that merges with other rooms.

For example, an open room that has a kitchen merged in with it, are you with me? Also, you want your cat with you, not restricted from certain rooms, right?

3 Best cat toys to stop your cat attacking the TV screen

In this section, I will share with you three of my best cat toys to stop your cat attacking the TV screen. For each option, I will explain what I like and do not like to make it easier for you.

01. K-berho cat toy (Best Option)

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  • Can also be used for puppy dogs
  • Collision detection sensor
  • Can automatically steer itself
  • Cute cat toy mouse
  • USB charging


  • It doesn’t make sounds
  • Won’t turn on automatically

What I like about this K-berho cat toy

This cat toy is a unique-looking wheeled device that will keep most cats entertained for ages. It is also possible to use this with a puppy dog if you have cats and dogs.

It is quite clever. Meaning, it has collision detection sensors so it does not bum into all o your walls. This also means that it can steer itself quite easily. As well as this, I love the little cute cat toy it comes with.

To make life easier, and save you money on batteries, it has USB charging.

In summary, if you are looking for a cool distraction for your cat that will control itself and won’t bash into all of your walls, this sounds like a good option for you.

What I dislike about this K-berho cat toy

As much as I appreciate this, it does have some annoyances. Firstly, it doesn’t make any sound. Some may argue that is a bonus, but some small beeps and clicks can usually keep your cat more engaged, right?

Also, it would be better if it could automatically turn on. You may think this is a weird thing to say, but you will find that some cat toys offer this.

02. Auoon cat toy

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  • Distracts your cat from scratching your furniture
  • Quirky mouse swatter toy included
  • Cat ball is locked in position (restricts her to one area)
  • Stops your kitty getting bored
  • Diverts her attention away from your TV


  • Some cats may not love them.

What I love about this Auoon cat toy

This cat toy is a clever scratching mat with a cool ball toy (more on this later), that most cats will find irresistible. It is a great choice to distract her and keep her away from your TV screen (what about the furniture it’s on? click here).

It also comes with a quirky mouse swatter that will drive her nuts and away from your beloved TV.  If you are like me, you may have glanced at that cat ball, in the image above, and thought it will get lost in minutes, right?

Well, you will be happy to learn that it is fixed in that groove. This will keep her spinning the ball in circles, without it jumping all over the place.

In summary, if you are looking for a cool cat toy that will have to chase a ball in circles and doubles up as a scratcher, then this sounds like a good option for you.

What I do not love about this Auoon cat toy

I feel this is a great cat toy. But, there will be some cats that will not gravitate to it. There is no real reason why it is just the way it goes sometimes.

03. Yuejing cat toy

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  • Very quiet (Not noise)
  • Low power consumption
  • Comes with a catnip ball
  • Eco-friendly material used
  • Energy efficient (15 minutes off timer)


  • No motion sensors (you need to turn it on)
  • The catnip ball cannot be refiled

What I appreciate about this Yuejing cat toy

This interactive cat toy has an interesting little blue box design with some toys inside to keep her focussed. Most cats will not be able to resist this toy.

One of the benefits of this toy is the low noise level, it is very quiet. I am sure you will appreciate this part. It has low energy consumption which is achieved with its clever 15-minute shut-off timer.

Also, it comes with a great little catnip ball (more on this later).

In summary, if you are looking for a cat toy that is not noisy and will keep your cat entertained, then you will appreciate this one.

What I do not appreciate about this Yuejing cat toy

This cat toy does not have any motion sensors. Meaning, it will not automatically turn itself on, in your absence. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it just means you have to be there for her to start entertaining herself each time.

Also, I mentioned the catnip ball earlier, remember? Well, it’s cool, but it would be better if it was refillable.

Can you get the cat off the TV?

If your cat is physically on your TV you are probably keen to keep it off to protect it. Therefore, here are some suggestions for you:

01. Double-sided tape

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Double-sided tape can be used to keep a cat off your TV. The idea is to run the tape around the outer edge of the TV to create a repelling sticky film that cats are not fond of. In time, hopefully, your cat will learn that the TV is off-limits.

In fact, this tape can be used for many things as a cat deterrent. For example, you may have another piece of furniture that you want to keep your cat off or a countertop.

02. Aluminium foil

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If you are not fond of double-sided tape or prefer another option you can consider aluminum foil. again, this needs to be placed around the edge of the  TV. This will deter your cat from messing around with your TV screen.

The reality is, if it works, you may not need to leave it on there forever. The idea is for your cat to learn not to get there based on its previous experience of bumping into foil before.

03. Use a shelf

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If your cat keeps getting on the TV there is a chance it is using it as a stepping stone. Therefore, to avoid this you can use a room shelf above your TV to attract it. This will aim to be an alternative, more attractive choice to step on, rather than your precious TV.

Why does my cat scratch the TV?

Some cats will scratch your TV for the following reasons:

  • Confusion
  • Warmth
  • Shiny material


Your cat may see an object, or movement on your TV which may confuse it. It may assume it’s a threat and attempt to scratch the screen.


Sometimes cats just love the warmth that the TV screen offers and in the process of taking advantage of the warmth, it mat just scratch it. The best idea is to use a strategy to keep it away if this is happening.

Shiny material

Some cats are just attracted to certain textures or types of material. If that is the case your cat may lick or even scratch the TV, which is unfortunate for you.

Why is my cat obsessed with the TV?

Your cat may be obsessed with the TV for various reasons. Some of the most common ones are the fact that your cat is bored and it is interested in the moving objects on the screen.

It’s important to understand that your cat’s viewing experience is different from yours. It won’t appreciate the HD objects you enjoy. But, it will notice the movement which could cause this obsession.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cat care. If you have more questions feel free to contact me.

Should cats always have a collar?

Ideally, cats should have a collar on at all times. This will help them to be identified easily and more importantly, easily recognized as a domestic cat with an owner, rather than a stray or feral cat. Also, it helps you visibly see it’s your cat when she is outside.

The most important thing is making sure the collar is safe using a breakaway collar that she cannot take off easily (Click here to see how to stop her from taking it off).

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