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Cat Ate Plastic Shopping Bag (What Now? + Prevention)

You may have noticed that your cat has been scavenging your plastic bags (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon). But, what could be the reason for this, and what prevention is there?

Why is your cat eating your plastic bags?

The reason why your cat is eating your plastic bags is she can detect the smell of food, or, she can detect enticing ingredients in the plastic, such as cornstarch. Cats have a great sense of smell, meaning, they can detect subtle scent that will tempt them to eat or lick the bag.

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So, now you know why your cats is eating your plastic bag. But, how do you prevent this happening? Is this plastic toxic for cats? Are there any other associated dangers? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.


How do you prevent your cat from eating your plastic bags?

Now that you know that your cat is eating your bags and why. You may be looking for a solution to stop it happening in the future, right?

The best way to stop your cat from eating your plastic bags is one of the following methods:

  • Use a bag tidy
  • Offer Cat Chew Toys instead
  • Restrict access to the room where you store the bags.

Use a bag tidy

A bag tidy is the best option (Click here to see why I love this one, Amazon) to keep your bags organized, which is a benefit on its own. But, the main benefit is it will keep them out of sight of your cat. And, if she cannot see these bags, it means that she cannot attempt to eat it, are you with me?

Offer Cat Chew Toys instead

Cat chew toys are great (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon) because it will offer your cat an appealing alternative to your plastic bags. This will help to distract her from your bags. And, they can also play with this toy to keep themselves entertained.

Restrict access to the room where you store the bags

Another option is to restrict access to the room where the bags are stored. This is more of a drastic option and in some cases can be difficult to implement. However, done correctly it definitely will stop the problem.

Are plastic bags toxic to cats?

Are plastic bags toxic to cats?

Are plastic bags toxic to cats?

If you have caught your cat eating or chewing your plastic bags. You may be wondering if this material is toxic for them, right?

Some plastic bags are toxic. However, this varies quite a lot from bag to bag. But, with this aside, the biggest concern is your cat swallowing the plastic which could cause a painful blockage. Or, them getting suffocated from the bag itself.

So, now you know plastic bags are toxic. But, other dangers cause hazards.

Are there any other dangers with plastic bags?

Now that you know some plastic bags are toxic, you may be wondering if other issues can be associated with your cat playing with plastic bags.

Other dangers with plastic bags include your cat getting tangled in the handles. This can cause your cat to panic. And, in some extreme cases, become choking hazards. This could end with your cat getting strangled by the plastic bag handle.

Now you know some other dangers that plastic bags can cause.

What if my cat eats a plastic bag?

If your cat has gone ahead and eaten a plastic bag you may be wondering what will could happen to it.

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If your cat has eaten a plastic bag, apart from the risk of it getting blocked internally, or suffocation, a particularly sharp bag could puncture or tear her internal organs as it goes down through her body. If you are lucky the bag will pass through her system naturally. But, if not, it could get lodged inside and may need to be removed.

So, now you know some of the potential risks that can happen with your cat consuming a plastic bag

Is it safe for cats to play with plastic bags?

You may be wondering if it’s harmful to allow your cat to play with plastic bags.

It is not a good idea to let your cat play with plastic bags because it may seem that they are having fun due to the sound it makes and they’re crazy responses to it. But, they are a real hazard and can lead to choking or suffocation.

So, now you know it is not safe for cats to play with plastic bags.

How do I know if my cat ate plastic?

If you have a bad feeling that your cat may have eaten something that it shouldn’t have, such as plastic. But, you’re not sure, you may be looking for ways that you can confirm if this is the case.

To check if your cat has eaten plastic you should look out for either a loss of appetite, straining to pass, or only producing a small amount of feces each day. You may also notice some behavioral changes such as her becoming agitated if you try and pick her up or stroke her.

So, now you know how you can tell if your cat ate plastic.

Why do cats obsess over licking plastic?

You may be wondering why cats get so excited about licking plastic bags. Is there a reason for this?

Cats get obsessed over licking plastic because some bags are made with animal products that you may not notice. Such as animal fat, or even gelatin. These ingredients can cause some interest from your cat and make it very appealing to her. This can lead to her licking or chewing on it.

So, now you know why cats can get obsessed over licking plastic.

What are the symptoms of a blockage in a cat?

If you suspect that your cat has an internal blockage you may be wondering what symptoms to look out for.

Some symptoms of a blockage in a cat include loss of appetite, low energy, stomach pain, swollen stomach, or problems relaxing. If you notice any of these symptoms there is a chance she could be suffering from an internal blockage. And, I would suggest you take her to the vets to get her checked out.

So, now you know what symptoms to look out for if you suspect a blockage in your cat.

Does playing with your cat help?

You may be looking for some proactive ways that you can help your cat to stop playing with your bags.

Playing with your cat can help to stop her playing with plastic bags or any other unwanted object. It will offer her a better alternative than these bags. The reality is she would prefer playing with you rather than an old bag.

So, now you know that playing with your cat can be helpful.

Can cats smell food scent in your plastic bags?

If you have some old plastic bags that you have brought home you may be wondering why your cat is interested in it, right?

Cats can smell food scent from your plastic bags. when you bring a bag home, especially if it contains hot food, they can smell the scent and get excited. This happens even if they should not be eating the food that you consume in the first place.

When you put the bags away your cat may notice where they are hidden and go ahead and try to lick or chew them. This is why it is a good idea to use bag tidy to keep them away from your cat (Click here for the reviews, on Amazon).

Can “Pica” be linked to your cat’s plastic bag obsession?

You may have heard people talk about the term “Pica” when it comes to cats eating weird objects, like wool, or painters tape (Click here to see how to deal with your cat eating this). But, is this related to your cat’s plastic bag obsession?

Pica is linked to your cat’s plastic bag of obsession. It is a term used when cats eat non-food objects. Some say it’s linked to mental health issues with the cat causing them to be obsessed with eating an item that has no nutritional benefit.

So, now you know “Pica” is linked to your cat’s plastic bag obsession.

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