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Can I Mix Different Brands Of Dry Cat Food?

If you have various dry cat food brand packets you may be wondering if it’s possible to mix them up together…

Can I mix different brands of dry cat food?

Yes, mixing dry cat foods is fine, just check the ingredients first. At a rough ratio, your cat’s nutritional needs boil down to this:

  • Half of the calories ingested need to be protein. Protein content should be a minimum of 26% on the dry food for an adult cat’s needs.
  • 30% of those calories should be fat – look for a minimum fat content of 9%, as this keeps their coats nice and shiny
  • 10% should be carbs

Mixing their dry food helps to keep things interesting and can save you some cash – you can mix a small amount of premium blend, for instance, in their regular food and lots of cats will LOVE it.

Can my cat live off only dry food?

A black and white cat being fed food by a person.

A black and white cat being fed food by a person.

Yes, cats can live on dry food only, but it is a little harder on their digestive systems, especially when they start getting older. Dry food is perfectly healthy and the crunch of the stuff is good for your cat’s teeth, but as it is a hard food, those extra carbs do take a little more energy to digest.

This is not a problem with younger cats, but with senior cats, wet food is better. Ideally, you should feed your cat a mix.

If wet food is a little difficult to budget, you can get a few cans and a Tupperware bowl and simply mix in a spoonful of the wet food with the dry and it’s much better for your cat. You can also just add broth or hot water to the dry food and let is sit a few minutes before serving.

This makes the food soften and expand and if you went with the broth, then your cat has a soft, warm meal that tastes great and is a little easier to digest in the bargain. Just be sure to still give some dry food from time to time if you use this method, as it is still good for their teeth!

Should I mix wet and dry cat food?

Yes, mixing wet and dry food is a great way to give your cat the best of both worlds. The crunch of the dry food helps to keep their teeth sharp and clean, while the wet food hydrates your cat, adds in some real meat and extra vitamins, and is digested much faster than the dry.

What are the benefits of dry food?

Dry food’s main benefits are that it is inexpensive, nutritious, and doesn’t spoil quickly. With wet food, if your cat doesn’t eat all of it within 4 hours, then you have to throw away the rest. Dry food also stores quite well until you need it, so you can get a big bag and the food will be fine when it’s time to serve it!

What are the disadvantages of dry cat food?

Dry food doesn’t hydrate your cat like wet food will and it takes a longer time for them to digest. The dry food’s crunchy carbs spend a little longer in your cat’s belly, expanding in a way that makes your cat feel full, but it takes extra time and energy to process the food

Also, wet food contains real, hydrated meats, which are a little more like what your cat would be naturally eating. Yes, there are meat products as part of the dry food ingredients, so it’s perfectly nutritious, it’s just not as fun to eat.

That said, some cats are perfectly fine with dry food, it depends on the individual kitty’s tastes.

How can I get my cat to drink more while on dry food?

A brown and white cat drinking some fluid.

A brown and white cat drinking some fluid.

If you need to hydrate your kitty, the easiest way to help with this is to pour beef broth into the dry food. It will expand, soaking up the hot broth, and it cools down enough to eat within 2 to 3 minutes.

This will hydrate your cat at the same time that they are eating the dry food and some cats love eating their dry food this way.

Can you alternate between wet and dry cat food?

Yes, alternating between wet and dry food is fine, and it gives your cat a little variety when it comes to their meals. You can mix them or serve them separately, or even make a dry food bowl available at all times, with the ‘main meals’ being the wet food.

If you do keep a dry food bowl always available, just watch the daily calories to make sure that your cat isn’t eating too much.

Your cat needs 20 to 33 calories per pound of their body weight to maintain their current mass (with 33 being for extremely active cats), so as long as you track this then any combination is fine.

Can I give my cat different flavors of the same brand?

Yes, you can do that, and it helps to make meals more interesting for your cat. Just keep a close eye on their favorites, as some felines can get a bit finicky and you’ll quickly learn which flavors they like the least.

Switching up throughout the week is fine, or even every other month. Just give it a try and see what your cat is happiest with – some will like a lot of variety, while others would be perfectly happy with 1 or 2 favorites every time.

Can I mix different brands of wet cat food?

Yes, mixing different wet foods is fine, and it’s a great way to stretch your budget while providing more variety for your beloved kitty. For instance, you could mix one small can of a ‘fancy’ variety with 1 large can of a cheaper generic, and most cats will love this.

The only thing to watch out for is that sometimes mixing can give your cat a tummy ache. It’s not common, but if your cat looks a little uncomfortable after eating their normal amount of food and you’ve just made a mix, then take note and try a different mix – those particular foods might just be a poor fit together.

Do cat foods taste different?

Yes, different cat foods have different tastes, and your cat likes a little variety from time to time just like anyone else. You’ll also get different nutritional content in the various foods, with some being higher in proteins and fats, and you’ll get different qualities of meats being used from brand to brand.

So, feel free to mix and match if you like, just be sure to take your time. Too much change can be a little stressful for your cat, but a little variety on occasion is usually well-received.

Lindsey Browlingdon