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Can I Leave My Cats In The Dark While I Go Away?

If you are going away you may be wondering if you leave the light off or on. But, will your cat be OK with the lights off?

Can I Leave My Cats in the Dark While I Go Away?

You should not leave your cats in the dark while you go away because they may feel anxious and lonely. Also, cats shouldn’t be left too long on their own regardless of the lighting.

So, now you know why this is not a good idea. But, can cat’s see in the dark? Are they nocturnal? Should you leave some music on for them? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Main Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Cats in the Dark

Can I leave my cats in the dark while I go away?

Cat in the dark.

You may feel sad in your dark and dreary room when your parents go away. Similarly, it’s completely normal for your cat to miss you when you leave them, especially in the dark.

For a genuine reason, it is okay. However, leaving a cat or any other living being in the dark may not be the best idea for several reasons:

01. Your Cat Could Get Anxious 

Darkness can bring out feelings of anxiety in a meek cat. She might get scared when there is darkness around instead of a familiar, bright, and warm environment she is used to.

02. They Might Feel lonely

Loneliness is not associated with darkness for humans only, but cats as well.

Your cat is used to having a lot of noises and different sounds and activities in your presence. When you leave and the house goes dark and quiet, your cat will feel lonely and abandoned.

Can Cats See in the Dark?

According to science, all living creatures have different ranges of vision power. Undoubtedly, cats can see in dim surroundings a lot better than us humans. However, if no light is emitted, there is no possibility of vision.

You might have caught your cat staring oddly at the corner of the room or just any object around and wondered if they can see in the dark!

Regarding their sleep, cats like to sleep in the dark just like humans. So, if you want to keep the lights on at night, keep them as dim as possible. Lights at night can affect the quality of your cat’s good night’s sleep.

Should I Leave a TV On For My Cat?

To prevent the symptoms of loneliness from arriving, leaving the TV on for soothing music or cartoons can really glue your cat to the screen thereby fetching you some free time to read stuff like this or enjoy your hobbies.

This choice varies from cat to cat and how the cat is brought up. A person can’t be always cuddling the pet and being for them at every hour of the day. So, it could be a good practical choice.

A better alternative to TV watching is making her befriend another cat around so that she is around her own species.

Does My Cat Get Sad When I Leave?

For cats, they will get sad if the master is not around but if you provide a supplementary element for the cat to get engaged, this will help.

You would be surprised by how many emotions animals share with us. They are capable of showing love, affection, loyalty, and grief, and many more. Now, many different types of animals have long-term memory, but for the most part, animals live in the now, in the present.

As cats can easily identify their owner by the hair, clothing, or similar physique, they tend to attach themselves to them. So, make sure you train them to be stress-free when you are not around.

Do Cats Get Lonely at Night?

When not given sufficient attention or there is any disease troubling them, they might roam around at night thereby giving rise to loneliness.

Some cats meow at night too because they’re lonely, bored, or anxious. To make sure that your kitty is getting enough love and attention, spend some time with them in the evening.

The irregular sleep schedules may also give rise to your cat turning irritable so make sure to cuddle it to sleep. It is because cats can spend or may spend 70% of their lives sleeping. So, when they don’t get enough of it, well things may get rough!

Do Cats Like Music Left On?

For cats, the “beautiful music” must be in the frequency range and with similar tempos to those used in natural communication by each species. It’s a pity but the straight-up fact is that they don’t enjoy human music.

Your cats’ whiskers are sensitive to even the tiniest of vibrations in the air. In addition to it, they also have a very well developed sense of hearing. This could mean that your cat finds the music that you listen to either too noisy or that it has too much bass.

They do not hear your bass through their ears but whiskers! However, here’s a quick fact. Scientists, today, are actually trying to invent and develop music, especially for cats. So, maybe soon, you can actually have a cat that loves music and listening to it.

Let’s hope we soon get to see that day.

Are Cats Nocturnal, or Not?

Cats are classified as crepuscular, meaning that they are more energetic and active at dusk and dawn.

Your cat is most active at that time between nightfall and daylight. During this time, they want to play, eat, and cuddle the most.

However, your cat can adjust their sleeping schedule in your presence. So, when you are around, they will sleep less in the daytime. On the other hand, if you are absent, they will sleep more in the daytime and become more active at night.

Why Might Your Cat Get Stressed in Total Darkness?

Some cats are meek and docile since they were a kitten and some are fierce from birth. Things may get a little surprising when your cat shows symptoms of stress all of a sudden!

Your cat may get very anxious if they can’t locate their water bowl or litter tray in the total darkness. They also do not feel safe because they may feel like a predator is lurking around.

Could Bright Lights Affect Your Cats Sleep?

Pets are taken care of like human babies so their sleep pattern should also be focused upon. Cats prefer to sleep in the dim light or rather darkness.

This fact is supported by the biological fact that cats secrete the “hormone of darkness”, melatonin the only known hormone synthesized by the pineal gland. It is released in response to darkness.

So bright light is definitely not a solution for a cat’s healthy sleep. A small, dim night light can be an alternative to it.

Do Cats Have the Same Vision As Humans?

Needless to say, the visions of humans and animals vary a lot!

We can only see the spectrum of colors ranging from violet to red in the electromagnetic spectrum. However, cats can also see ultraviolet (UV) rays which account for their sixth sense.

Many people may term this simple scientific knowledge as a paranormal entity. Due to this misinformation, cats are known as ghost-detectors by many people!

Cats can even see detailed objects in dim light which may account for them staying up at night and staring at a particular object.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Cats in the Dark When You Sleep

When you make the house go all dark, there is a good chance that you might step on or trip over your cat. This could cause them serious injuries and it can even be fatal. So, try to put on a dim light around the house all the time.

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