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Can Cats Eat Queso? (Toxic or Cause Diarrhea?)

If your cat has sneakily tasted your Queso, or you are just curious, you may be wondering if it is OK for them…

Can cats eat Queso

Cats should not eat Queso, it isn’t recommended. It is made with cheese, and it is very common for cats to be lactose intolerant. As a result, like any other dairy product, there is a good chance it will get an upset stomach. Symptoms include gas, bloating, and even diarrhea. 

So, now you know that it is not great. But, what is the nutritional breakdown of it? Is it OK for kittens? Are there any health risks associated with it? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is Queso?

Can cats eat Queso?

Some cheese dip.

Queso is a type of creamy cheese dip that is very common in Tex-Mex cuisine. Aside from being made out of cheese (usually Monterey jack or some kind of heavily processed type of cheese), it is not uncommon for other ingredients to be included in the queso. Examples of these ingredients are peppers, beans, and occasionally some kind of ground meat. 

Queso is often served as a dip as part of an appetizer and is usually accompanied by tortilla chips. Sliced vegetables are also a popular alternative when eating queso dip.

What if my cat is not lactose intolerant?

Queso is not recommended even if your cat is not lactose intolerant, there is a lot of ingredients that are found in cheese that are not good for cats at all. For example, it is loaded with salt, fat, and occasionally various spices.

All of these things, except for small amounts of salt, are really bad for your cat and you should be kept as far away from your cat as you can. 

What is the nutritional content of Queso?

Source: USDA (per 100g) *

Name Amount Unit
Calories 200 Kcal
Protein 6.67 g
Carbs 6.67 g
Fat 16.67 g
Sodium 500 mg

* See the source for full nutritional details

Queso has very limited nutritional benefits for cats. A small serving has less than ten grams of protein and that is pretty much the only thing that queso has in it. Other than that, queso is loaded with sodium and fat. 

Are there any health benefits of Queso

Queso is known for being very delicious, but it is not known for having any kind of health benefits for you or your cat.

The small amount of protein you can get from the cheese does not outweigh the more unhealthy parts of this dip. Queso may taste good, but that doesn’t mean it is good for you or your cat.  

Are there any health risks of Queso 

Health risks are one of the few things that queso provides, aside from being a delicious appetizer. The amount of fat and calories found in queso is not good for you or your cat.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise since queso is mostly just cheese. On top of that, queso is loaded with bad cholesterol and that is definitely something you should not be giving to your cat if you can at all help it. 

There is nothing in queso that makes it toxic for a cat, but they are equally as susceptible to the health problems that can come from eating food that is heavy with fat and the other unhealthy elements that are found in queso. 

What happens if a cat eats cheese-based foods, like Queso?

This will depend on if your cat is lactose intolerant or not. It will also depend on how sensitive your cat’s stomach is. If your cat has a strong stomach and isn’t lactose intolerant, then nothing is likely to happen if they get a small bit of it.

However, if your cat is lactose intolerant then it is very likely that all the cheese in queso will cause your cat to have an upset stomach. 

Your cat’s upset stomach will likely result in a great amount of gas and even potentially a large amount of diarrhea. To make matters worse, if your cat has a more sensitive stomach there is a good chance they will puke that queso all over your floor. 

Should you feed your cat Queso? 

With all the fat, dairy, and sodium found inside queso, it is an absolutely terrible idea. You should never feed your cat queso, even if they are meowing loudly at you and acting all sweet to try and get you to give them food.

No matter how much your cat rubs up against you and purrs, do not give in and give them queso.  As mentioned above, the queso could result in your cat having a very uncomfortable experience for the next few hours afterward.

It is important to make sure you are giving your cat food that is not only something they can safely eat but also something good for them. Cats and cheese do not mix well together, so you shouldn’t be feeding them queso. 

Is Queso OK for Kittens?

Age is completely irrelevant here. It is equally as much a terrible idea to give your little kitten any queso as it is to give it to an older cat. In fact, the dairy found in the queso might be harder for your little kitten’s stomach to handle.

While the queso is unlikely to kill your kitten, it will have a very awful day as its body reacts to the cheese. 

If your kitten manages to sneak a few bits of queso, don’t panic. Since queso isn’t toxic it will not harm your kitten. But even though you won’t need to rush your kitten to the vet, it is still a bad idea to give your kitten this dip.

Your kitten is still growing and if it gets into queso, it might get a little sick from that misadventure.  Even if your kitten isn’t lactose intolerant, there is no reason to let it eat something bad for it. Focus instead on feeding your kitten food intended for them until they are old enough for adult food.

Are there better food alternatives than Queso for cats?

Yes, basically anything that is made for cats is a significantly better food alternative than queso for cats. It doesn’t matter if it is dry food or canned wet food.

From a cheap bag of treats at a pet store to gourmet luxury cat food sold at specialty stores, there are countless options to choose from and they are all better for your cat than queso. 

Certain types of human foods will cause your cat no issue, but queso is one that should be avoided. If you aren’t certain, it never hurts to talk to your vet, but it is very unlikely that they will tell you otherwise about queso. 

Is any cheese-based food ok for cats? 

Since cheese-based food always has some kind of dairy-based element to them, it is safe to say that there is no cheese bad food of any kind that is okay for your cat to eat.

Cats were never intended to be eating cheese out in the wild, so it is not something that should be included in their diet. There may be foods that your cat can eat that are not intended for them. 

Queso is not one of them, and the same can be said for any kind of cheese-based food that you could think of. Cats are not humans, and they do not produce the enzymes that are required for breaking down the lactose inside a bowl of queso dip. 

Lindsey Browlingdon