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Can Cats Eat Arroz Con Leche? (Give Them Diarrhea?)

If you have some leftover Arroz Con Leche you may be looking at your cat wondering if they would appreciate it…

Can cats eat Arroz Con Leche?

Cats should not eat Arroz Con Leche. This is because the milk, sugar, cinnamon, and other sweet ingredients can be harmful to your cat. These ingredients can cause indigestion, diarrhea, liver damage, and other major health problems for your cat or kitten. 

So, now you know. But, are there any health benefits of this? Can kittens eat it? Will it eventually go off? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What is Arroz Con Leche?

Can cats eat Arroz Con Leche?

Arroz Con Leche, with sauce, on a plate.

Arroz Con Leche is Spanish for “rice with milk,” better known to English speakers as rice pudding. It is a dish that consists of rice mixed with cooked milk, butter, and sweet things like cinnamon and raisins.

It is a tasty dessert for humans, but is not suitable for consumption for cats, no matter how much they might want a bite.

Nutritional Content of Arroz Con Leche

Source: USDA (per 100g) *

Name Amount Unit
Calories 168 Kcal
Protein 3.53 g
Carbs 31.76 g
Fat 3.53 g
Calcium 118 mg

* See the source for the full list

Are there any health benefits of Arroz Con Leche?

Arroz Con Leche has certain health benefits in humans. It is a low-fat, low-calorie dessert. It is relatively inexpensive, with only a few cheap ingredients, being rice, milk, butter, and flavorings like vanilla and cinnamon.

However, for your cat, these health benefits are outweighed by health risks we’ll go over later. However, we can discuss the benefits of the ingredient that cats can eat, rice.

Is Arroz Con Leche Easy to make?

It is also extremely easy to make. Simply mixing the cooked rice with the other ingredients in a saucepan over low heat will allow you to achieve the desired results. This combination of cheapness, relative healthiness, and ease of cooking makes rice pudding a great dessert!

Can cats eat the rice grains in Arroz Con Leche?

Rice is a grain that cats can eat, although it is not a normal part of their diet. It can slightly improve your cat’s digestion, as it is high in fiber. However, it does not have much nutritional impact other than this, so other foods can do rice’s job for your cat, only better.

Are there any health risks of Arroz Con Leche?

There are some pretty significant health risks to feeding your cat Arroz Con Leche. Firstly, the base of it is milk (usually whole milk). Milk can lead to fairly severe indigestion and diarrhea in cats, so it is best to avoid giving it to your cat, or milk of any kind.

01. Dangers of vanilla extract

It should also be noted that many vanilla extracts, which are a popular additive to plenty of rice pudding recipes, contain alcohol. Alcohol is very toxic to cats, so this is another risk when it comes to feeding your cat Arroz Con Leche.

02. Sugar content

Thirdly, there is plenty of sugar in Arroz Con Leche. Sugar can also be very unhealthy for cats due to it leading to insulin. This can take a heavy toll on your cat’s liver, and if your cat eats high amounts consistently, can even lead to liver failure.

03. Indigestion & Diarrhea

Lastly, butter, similarly to milk, causes indigestion and diarrhea in cats. This will cause cats to have serious problems with digestion, causing major discomfort for your furry friend.

Should you feed your cat Arroz Con Leche?

Arroz Con Leche in a bowl.

Arroz Con Leche in a bowl.

Cats should not be fed Arroz Con Leche. With plenty of health risks and almost no benefits, it is not a good idea. It may be tempting, especially when it begs or tries its best to jump up and get a bite but it is a bad idea.

A little lick here and there won’t be too harmful, but feeding your cat any significant quantity is a bad idea!

Is Arroz Con Leche OK for Kittens?

Although kittens are more tolerant of dairy products like milk and butter than adult cats (which is due to them needing to drink milk produced by their mothers), it is still a bad idea to give them Arroz Con Leche.

Firstly, the presence of sugar can still lead to insulin production that results in liver damage. Doing this to a young, sensitive kitten is very bad for their growing body.

Secondly, the alcohol present in the vanilla extract can also be toxic for cats. Kittens, being so small, are even more sensitive than adult cats to toxins.

These two ingredients make it very bad for kittens, despite them being more tolerant of lactose than adult cats.

Are there better food alternatives than Arroz Con Leche for cats?

There are many good alternatives to Arroz Con Leche for cats. There are many wet cat foods available that offer a great nutritional meal as well as offering hydration.

However, if you’re looking to give your cat something sweet as a treat, you may be in for a surprise. Cat’s are actually incapable of tasting sweetness.

That is why no cat food tastes sweet, to your cat it would simply taste like nothing. So, if you’re looking for an alternative sweet food to give your cat, you are out of luck.

Does Arroz Con Leche cause diarrhea?

Arroz Con Leche can cause diarrhea in cats. This is because of the high amounts of dairy products that are present in it such as whole milk and butter. Since cats are lactose intolerant, they lack the ability to properly digest the lactose in these foods.

This leads to major indigestion and oftentimes very bad diarrhea. Avoid feeding them this or any other dairy product for that matter, if you don’t want them to have diarrhea and other digestive problems!

Does Arroz Con Leche go bad?

Due to the presence of foods that are sensitive to spoiling, such as milk and butter, Arroz Con Leche will eventually go bad. This happens rather quickly too, so make sure that you are storing it well, and eating it quickly. This shouldn’t be too hard, as it is nutritious and delicious, for humans at least.

To keep it safe do not leave it out very long. In particular, no longer than a couple of hours. Even in the fridge, it can only really last up to two days before it starts to spoil.

Is Arroz Con Leche the same as Rice pudding?

Arroz Con Leche is the same as Rice pudding. It is simply the Spanish translation for the same dish. It is an exceptionally popular dish all across the world.

In Mexico, it is very popular due to the wide availability and accessibility of rice, as well as milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and butter. These ingredients are extremely easy to get.

Coupled with easy-to-follow recipes, this makes a popular dish all across the world. It is called many other things in Europe, Asia, and many other places all over the globe.

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