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Can Cats Drink Lemonade? (Is it dangerous? | Guide)

If you are wondering what food and drink to provide to your cat. You may be wondering if lemonade is a good idea or not.

Can cats drink lemonade?

Cats should not drink lemonade. This is because it has a lot of sugar content, high acidic content, and also has no real nutritional benefits for them. Pure water is a better alternative for cats and kittens that need refreshment.

Now that you know that lemonade is not ideal for your cat. Keep reading to learn the nutritional content of lemonade, any known health benefits, health risks, and so much more.

What is lemonade?

Can cats drink lemonade?

A glass of lemonade.

Before we look into the possibility of your kitty drinking lemonade I will use this section to clarify what lemonade is.

Although there is a good chance you know what this is there are quite a few different ways this can be made, so it’s important to make sure we are on the same page.

Lemonade is a sweet lemon-flavored beverage. Although, it is possible to make or purchase unsweetened versions of this (more on this later).

It is found in many countries worldwide, but according to Wikipedia, typically found in North America, South Asia. But it is also found in many other locations, such as Europe, etc.


I mentioned earlier that there are different variations, remember? Well, it typically falls into two types:

  • homemade
  • Commercial


The homemade versions can vary substantially. This is because it can be made organically using fresh lemons, substituted sugar, etc. Or, on the other hand, it could just be loaded with sugar and worse than any other one sold on the open market.


Commercially sold lemonade is also quite varied. But in general, it has a lemon flavor, with little or no real lemon fruit content and loaded with sugar to make it tasty to its consumers.

The nutritional content of Lemonade

Source: USDA *

Name Amount Unit
Calories 40 Kcal
Protein 0.07 g
Carbs 10.42 g
Fat 0.04 g
Calcium 0.26 mg
  • Visit the source for the full list of ingredients

Are there any health benefits with lemonade?

In this section, I will explain if there are any health benefits from lemonade. This will help you to see if there is any benefit to your kitty.

Vitamin C in Organic homemade variation

Firstly, the health benefits, or shall I say the potential benefits, are largely dependant on how it is prepared.  If it is homemade using organic lemons there will be a good source of vitamin C.

For us humans, there are great benefits of vitamin C in lemons. It is a great antioxidant and helps the PH balance in our bodies.

But for cats, it’s debatable. There is mixed opinions on the effects of vitamin C. Some argue that they should be supplemented with it, while others say it is not good for cats.

What are the health risks of lemonade?

In this section, I will explain some of the known health risks associated with lemonade. This will help you decide if it is a good idea or not for your cat.

Tooth Decay

One of the biggest concerns is the risk of tooth decay. This is largely to do with the high sugar content and also the acidic content of lemons if that is in the ingredients. This is obviously based on excessive use rather than a one-off drink or in moderation

Irritation to mouth sores

Another issue is mouth sores. This is not necessarily causing them, but irritating them. Maybe you have experienced this before? Ever had a mouth ulcer?

And, had a drink of lemonade or had lemon on it? Well, the acidic content will cause it to sting, right?

Make Heartburn worse

If you are a sufferer of heartburn, GERD, or acid reflux, you may want to steer clear of lemonade. Because it is known to intensify heartburn. Choosing the right food is important for these conditions.

Are lemons healthy for cats?

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In this section, I will explain if lemons themselves are good for cats. So far we have forces on lemonade, but, considering lemons are used in some of the best lemonade drinks, it’s worth looking into them, right?

They don’t like the taste

The chances are your cat will not like the taste of a lemon. This is mainly because of the harsh acidic taste that it has. Let’s be honest, most humans do not like the taste on its own either, right?

Have you ever tried to bite into a raw lemon before? Exactly, it’s not that great, right?

Side effects of lemons for cats

According to this site, if large amounts of lemons is consumed, there can be some harsh reactions for your cat. This includes excessive drooling, low energy, low blood pressure. These effects are often known as lemon poisoning.

Should you give lemonade to your cat?

Now that you have been given the facts, you may still be wondering if lemonade is a good idea or not. So, in this section, I will give you my opinion on it.

In my opinion, I would not give lemonade to your cat. This is because it has limited nutritional benefits, high in sugar, and too much acidic content.

What about kittens, should they have it?

Now that it is clear, what my opinion is on cats drinking lemonade, you may be wondering about your kitten, is it the same rule or opinion for them?

I would not recommend giving your kitten lemonade. This is mainly for the same reasons. It has far too much sugar, high acidic levels, and no real nutritional benefits for them.

Can cats have lemon juice?

Lemon juice is not safe for cats. This is because of the toxicity of citrus. Lemons are classed as citrus, along with limes, oranges, etc. Therefore lemon juice should be avoided for cats.

You may hear stories of a cat given lemon juice and survived, or another citrus fruit. But, this doesn’t mean it’s safe to give to them. It is best to avoid this completely.

Also, let’s be honest, there is no reason for them to have this, right? Meaning, they are more than content with fresh water, so lemon juice is not even required.

What do you call a kitten drinking lemonade?

A cat drinking lemonade is jokingly called a sourpuss. This is an ongoing joke that has been around for a while and is likely to be around for much longer.

In case you are lost, the lemon fruit itself is typically sour, and therefore it is called a sourpuss. Also, the term “sourpuss” is a word used to describe someone that is a “killjoy”, or grumpy.

One could argue that lemonade is not sour, right? Yes, that is true in pure terms. But, for the benefit of the joke, it is accepted.

Is lemon bad for cats?

Lemon is bad for cats. This is because lemon is classed as citrus fruit. And citrus is toxic for cats. Regardless if it’s the lemon peel, juice, flesh, or pips it should be avoided.

As discussed earlier, the reality is most cats wouldn’t appreciate the taste of these lemons given half a chance. But, even if they did they should not be offered to them.

Can cats drink lemon water?

Lemon water is not safe for cats. Lemon water, especially the most natural version, is toxic for cats because of the lemon ingredient. Lemons are toxic and therefore lemon water should be avoided.

You may argue that there are other versions of lemon water that just taste like lemons, but are not from real lemons. Personally, I would steer clear of these as well. Why? Well, if it’s not real lemon it’s likely full of sugar and other ingredients that are not beneficial for cats.

When it comes to refreshments for cats nothing beats water. Therefore avoid lemon juice and offer it water, as well as wet food, if possible, for indirect hydration.

Can cats eat lemon?

Cats cannot eat lemons. This is because they are toxic. Any citrus fruit is to be avoided, for this same reason and lemon is no different.

Cats primarily need animal protein because they are obligate carnivores. This means that they need meat to survive based on how nature made them. So, a lemon is not an option for cats.

Related Questions:

In this section, I will answer some questions related to cats’ diet, drinking, and eating habits. If you have any other related questions that you need answering, feel free to contact me.

Do water fountains encourage your cat to drink more?

Cat water fountains do encourage cats to drink more this is why many cat owners prefer them over the conventional cat bowl. The natural flow of water from the water fountain will entice them to drink more and at regular intervals.

Some cats need more encouragement than others, leaving concerned that their cat is not drinking enough (Click here to see if you should be worried) and these cat fountains help (Click here to see why I rate this cat fountain the best) with this. Especially if you are concerned with how much water your cat should be drinking.

Do cats like eating treats?

Cats do like eating treats but they should not be overfed these treats to avoid overfeeding and obesity. Obesity is difficult to reverse once it sets in. So, avoidance is the best option.

If you are one of those cat owners that finds it hard to avoid treating your cat with a variety of treats like Graham Crackers (Click here to see if these are a good idea), etc, then you need to monitor what she is eating to keep an eye on her intake.

What is the best temperature for your cat’s water?

Cats are usually happy with water at room temperature. There is no real need to try and give them extremely cold water because they will not necessarily benefit from this. The chance is they will not like it that cold anyway.

So, if you are thinking about putting Ice Cubes in your cat’s water, you can forget it.

Lindsey Browlingdon