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Do Cats Like Bubble Backpacks? (This May Surprise You)

If you are researching bubble carriers for your cat (Click here to see my best on Amazon #Ad) you may be curious if cats actually appreciate them or not.

Do cats like bubble backpacks?

Some cats love bubble backpacks, while others not so much. The ones that do appreciate the fact that they can get a view of their journey through the bubble. Those that are not instant adopters can be trained into getting used to it.

Quick Comparison of Traveling Backpacks

Carriers Image My Rating
01. U-pet bubble carrier (Best Option)
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 5 stars
02. Texsens Mesh bubble carrier
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03. Petforu bubble backpack
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 4 stars
04. Pettom bubble backpack
Click here for the price on Amazon
 3.5 stars
05. Texsens bubble backpack
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 3.5 stars

So, now you know that some cats love these backpacks. But, can’t you just use any old backpack with your cat? If my cat doesn’t love it, how can I train it to? What are the advantages of these carriers? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more. 


What is a bubble backpack?

Do cats like bubble backpacks?

A cat in a bubble backpack.

A bubble backpack is a backpack designed for carrying cats that has a bubble in it. This bubble is there to give your cat a view while they are on their journey and help them feel less anxious. It also makes the bag look interesting and makes it clear to any passers-by that you have a cat in there.

Regarding the latter, it’s important for a passer-by to know you have a cat there so that they do not bump you as they pass because it could hurt your cat. The same way a baby carrier works basically.

Can you put a cat in a regular backpack?

You could use a regular backpack for your cat but it would need to be adapted first. In particular, it would need to be relaxing and cozy for your cat, with enough space for them to maneuver on the route. And, most importantly a way to see out and get oxygen.

So, as you can see it sounds like a lot of work, right? Hence the reason why most people would rather buy a purpose-made backpack for cats.

How do I get my cat used to a backpack?

If your cat is not naturally drawn to the backpack you can easily train it t get used to it. Admittedly this is not always that straight-forward. But, with time and perseverance, you can get some cats to be OK with the backpack. Here are the suggestions:

01. Make it fun

If you place some toys into your backpack it can make the journey more fun. Your cat will appreciate the toys and make it focus at least a portion of the journey on playing. This is a simple way to keep them entertained.

02. Positive re-enforcement

As well as toys you should offer some positive re-enforcement. In particular, some cat treats (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). This will make your cat feel happy about getting into the backpack knowing they may be rewarded.

03. Start slowly

One mistake that some cat owners make is going too far on their first few journeys. Instead, do a few short trips to get it used to the carrier first. Then, monitor how your cat is reacting. If it is relaxed you can start to increase the mileage.

What are the advantages of choosing a backpack-style carrier with a window?

There are many impressive backpack style cat carriers out there. You may be asking yourself why choosing one with a window is so important.

  • A bubble window will not only allow your cat a chance to see what’s going on around them but can help reduce some of the stress of traveling in general. Cat’s are curious, and a bubble window will help the entire traveling process be more enjoyable for your cat.
  • You’ll also be able to easily check in on your kitty without having to open up the cat carrier and risk escape. Taking the proper safety precautions is very important. You definitely don’t want to be running around attempting to capture an escaped feline when you’re trying to enjoy your vacation.
  • Backpack style carriers are a great way to free up your hands and give you a wider range of motion while traveling.
  • Backpack style cat carriers with a window bubble are becoming increasingly more popular among cat owners. Traveling with your cat is no longer an abstract concept. If having your hands free is important to you, a backpack-style or wearable cat carrier may just be a great option to consider. It turns out that traveling with your cat can be pretty fun if you have the proper equipment!
  • Many cat carriers are large or bulky and thus not allowed by most commercial airlines. Cat backpacks are a great solution as they are usually lightweight and compact. Additionally, the bubble window will make it clear to other passengers, airline employees, and airport staff that you have an animal with you; this can help to make your trip easier. 

What should you look for in a cat traveling backpack with a window bubble?

There are a few attributes that you may want to keep an eye out for when shopping for this type of cat carrier.

Long-term Comfort When Worn

A long-term backpack that’s comfortable for you to wear. While it may be tempting to hurriedly choose an inexpensive but uncomfortable carrier,

keep in mind that you could end up trekking through the airport for many hours at a time; you don’t want to find yourself becoming increasingly more uncomfortable as time goes on. Many carriers today are designed specifically with cat and owner comfort in mind.

Quality Materials and Good Design

Find a cat backpack that’s designed with quality materials.

This will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and that you can use your backpack for years as opposed to months. If you are planning to travel frequently with your cat, a high-quality carrier is an absolute must.

Element Resistance and Airflow Safety

Ensure that the backpack you choose has the proper amount of ventilation and is water-resistant. This is especially important when traveling with cats.

Cats are highly susceptible to emotional upset and carrying them improperly may be detrimental to their overall health. Having a water-resistant, well-ventilated carrier, is critical to the overall well-being of your kitty during travel.

Easy Accessibility

It’s also important that you will be able to easily access your cat when traveling. Cat backpacks with bubble windows make it easy to check on your kitty without opening the carrier.

Many backpacks of this style have easy access compartments so you can reach in and comfort your cat without completely opening the carrier. This helps keep your cat relaxed, comfortable, and at ease whether you’re on a plane, in a vehicle, or walking around and seeing the sights.

Proper Carrier Size

Keep in mind that not every cat will fit comfortably in every carrier. When choosing a cat backpack with a bubble window, it’s a good idea to know what dimensions you’ll need before you begin shopping.

Larger cats will require more space, while a kitten may find themselves afraid if they are in a carrier that’s too large. You will want a carrier that c is large enough for your cat to lay down in and easily turn around. 

My Top 5 Cat Carrying Travel Backpacks With Window Bubbles

1. U-pet’s Innovative Line of Patented Bubble Pet Carriers

The innovative line of bubble window carriers designed by the U-pet company (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) has many impressive backpack carrier options for cat owners on the move! You can choose from carriers that range from small to large size and come in a multitude of different configurations.


  • Carriers come in many different sizes and styles ranging from a shoulder bag design to one that looks like a jet-pack style of astronaut backpack.
  • U-pet has a variety of design features that are unique when compared to other carriers. All of their backpack carriers feature their patented bubble window design.
  • Their carriers are designed using high-end materials that are meant to last.
  • All carriers feature built-in security leashes, mesh panels, washable pads with cushioning, ventilation holes, and easily accessible side panels.


  • Some carriers are not large enough to fit cats over 12 lbs. Though they say that cats up to 20 lbs can fit, it’s important that you check carrier dimensions with this product before confirming a purchase.
  • Carrier styles come in limited availability. Though they range in colors and styles, some colors and designs are constantly “out of stock.” This can be frustrating.
  • None of their carriers are designed to accommodate cats larger than 20 lbs, period.

2. Texsens Traveler Bubble Backpack Carrier Switchable With Mesh Panel for Cats

The Texsens Traveler Bubble Backpack Carrier (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) is an attractive backpack carrier option that comes in many styles and colors.


  • This backpack style carrier features a semi-sphere window that adds the unique feature of a switchable mesh panel. You can choose to have a breathable mesh window or a secure semi-sphere bubble for your pet to view the world through.
  • This eco-friendly bag is easy to carry and wear. It’s comfortable and durable and would be great for a myriad of travel situations.
  • Compatible with most airline carry-on requirements, you can take your cat with you anywhere you need to go.
  • The bubble sphere allows your cat to get a great view of the outside world while you travel.


  • Cleaning might be an issue as the pads are difficult to remove, and don’t come out at all in some cat backpack models.
  • Availability of certain styles may be limited in some areas.
  • The removable bubble may pose an escape risk to cats that are scared of highly energetic.
  • The stiff design may not be ideal for owners looking for a pliable canvas backpack.

3. Petforu Space Capsule PU Leather Cat Travel Bag

The Petforu Space Capsule PU Leather Cat Travel Bag (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) is leather and is great for owners looking for a durable carrying backpack that will have plenty of space for their cat or kitten.


  • It’s easy to introduce and remove your cat or kitten from this backpack-style carrier.
  • The backpack can be worn either in front or on your back. This is handy for owners who want to keep an eye on their cat from the front.
  • A large futuristic bubble window makes a great view easy to access for your kitty.


  • Not suitable for cats larger than 16 lbs.
  • Pads are not easy to remove if cleaning is needed. You’ll most likely have to clean this bag by hand.

4. Pettom Airline Approved Hiking Travel Cat Carrier Backpacks

There are many reasons that the Pettom Cat Carrier (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) durable and futuristic carrier may be a good choice for you when transporting your feline friend. It has a semi-sphere window to give your kitty a great view as you hit the road!


  • This carrier is very durable and totally waterproof. It has a plastic exterior to help keep your cat safe and dry.
  • This well-insulated carrier also helps to provide some noise cancelation. This can be helpful as cats have very sensitive ears.
  • Pettom Carrier Backpacks are approved for use with pretty much all major airlines. They feature the correct dimensions and sizes and are styled to be easy to take on a flight.
  • This carrier has removable pads for your cat’s comfort and easy cleaning. This will help make traveling more hassle-free.
  • Carriers come in a few different colors and style configurations. You can choose the one that fits your unique style preferences best.


  • This carrier is not designed for large cats. Small or medium cats will fit, but even medium cats should not be expected to remain comfortable for more than a couple of hours.
  • The Pettom Cat Carrier does not have very many access ports. You can open it from the top, but you can’t reach in and comfort your cat without unzipping the entire bag.

5. Texsens Canvas Transparent and Breathable Bubble Pet Backpack for Adventure or Traveling

The Texans Canvas Transparent and Breathable Bubble Pet Backpack cat backpack (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) truly caters to the adventurer in you! It features a unique bubble design that allows your cat to get a full surrounding view of what’s going on when you’re out and about!


  • Canvas and mesh material is breathable, durable, and easy to clean. The high-end materials make this bag a great option for cat owners who want something that will last a long time.
  • A comfortable design makes wearing this bag a breeze in many different travel or adventure situations. Wide straps evenly distribute weight and soft materials help reduce chafing and discomfort.
  • The unique top-bobble window means that your cat can get a view of what’s going on all around them.


  • Measurements on this bag must be exact. It’s important to make sure your cat will fit well before purchasing it.
  • This backpack only allows cats that weigh up to 7 lbs. It won’t work for large cats.
  • Zippered top hatch can make loading your cat in somewhat difficult. This is especially true if you’re trying to acclimate your cat to the carrier before travel.
  • No insulation from outside noise.

My Best Choice Traveling Backpack with a Window Bubble

All in all, your best option is one of the many available U-pet carriers (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad). They have the widest variety of styles and configurations, colors, and materials. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the U-pet backpack style cat carriers with bubble windows are a fantastic option for any cat owner on-the-move. Durable construction and secure patented bubble windows make traveling with your cat that much easier!

Lindsey Browlingdon