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Can 2 Cats Share A Bed? (Or Is This Forbidden?)

If you have 2 cats you may be wondering if they can share a bed or if two beds is better. And, what is the ideal cat bed for them (click here to see my best one on Amazon #Ad)

Can 2 cats share a bed?

Two cats can share a bed. But, most cats do not share well. And, even if they seem to get on fine today, there is no guarantee that will be the same tomorrow. So, for that reason, to save yourself some hassle, it’s worth investing in a separate bed for each one.

My best Cat Beds for Two Cats

Cat Bed Image My Rating
01. Cozy Cat Kitty Tower w/ 2 Beds (Best Option)
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 5 stars
02. Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed
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03. Penn Plax CatWalk Lavish Infinity Bed
Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad
 3.5 stars
04. Hepper Cat Pod Bed
Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad
 4 stars
05. The Refined Feline’s A-Frame Cat Bed
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 4 stars

So, now you know. But, is it better t have two separate beds? What if you have a small apartment? What is the best cat bed for two cats? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Do cats need separate beds?

It is better to have separate cat beds for your cats. And, in addition to this, they should be located away from each other. This may seem drastic, especially if your cats seem to be getting along fine, but, in the long term, it will be beneficial.

Another thing to consider is maintaining the cat beds. They need to be kept clean and washed. This is why it’s worth investing in a good one that can be easily cleaned off.

Can you have two cats in a one-bedroom apartment?

You can have two cats in a one-bedroom apartment. You just have to make sure you look after them properly and keep them entertained. When you have more than one the entertainment part comes a bit easier. This is because, like kids, they can play together.

For their entertainment, you can supply a cat tree, cat scratching post (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), or even some toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

Is it better to have 2 cats instead of 1?

It is better to have 2 cats instead of 1, from a cat’s perspective. However, you need to feel comfortable taking on the responsibility to make it work. The good thing is the cats are likely to be happier together once they get used to each other.

Could 2 cats sleep in your bed?

Every cat deserves to be treated with a lot of dignity. Instead of letting them sleep on the cold floor, there is a huge variety of beds that the pet owners can always choose from. Cat beds that can accommodate two cats are available in numerous sizes and shapes. At the end of the day, one will have to go for what suits his or her financial and other relevant needs.

Choosing the Best Cat Beds in the Market

Choosing the right bed for your cats involves putting into consideration several factors. One thing which must come out very clearly is that cats love their sleep, and may spend the better part of their time dozing their worries away. The bed which is chosen for the pets must, therefore, be one which can guarantee maximum comfort and happiness. Anything below that may just amount to mistreatment.

Why would one need a bed for his or her cats?

Just as human beings enjoy the warmth and embrace of their bed after a long day of work, the cats too deserve to rest. Sometimes, they need to rest for no good reason at all.

It is their nature and that is what contributes to them being playful and lively. Otherwise, cats which have been deprived of quality sleep and rest are grumpy and may at some point even turn out to be violent. However, coming up with the right bed choice for the cats may be a very confusing affair.

In a competitive market with so many brands for the buyer to choose from, every seller will always claim to have the most suitable product. Simple factors such as the availability of space in the house, the price, and the overall cost of maintenance should never miss in the decision-making process of a buyer.

Ease of accessibility

The ease of accessibility of the bed is equally important. The cats should be able to get in and out with so much ease. If the cat beds are a nightmare to access by the cats, they may even end up avoiding it, and this will defeat its purpose.

This is especially true for kittens and older cats. The bed should be low enough for them to jump in and out with a lot of ease. The lining of the beds should be made of natural fabrics. Such kind of fabrics is characterized with natural comfort and will also protect the cats against certain allergies caused by artificial fabrics.

The bed should also be washable with a machine. The ease of cleaning will ensure a high standard of hygiene for the cat. Dirt attracts flee and other types of allergens which may be a threat to the health of the cats.

Benefits of Cat Beds

Just like human beings, cats also need a good amount of sleep to stay healthy. In fact, cats sleep more than men. The cat beds are not a luxury but a necessity for every cat. Some of the benefits associated with cat beds include:

01. Peace of mind:

It has been observed that every cat usually has that special place for relaxing and having a good time. A good cat bed will go a long way in helping the pets achieve such a vital need.

02. Comfort:

An ideal cat bed should be a source of comfort for the pets. It will ensure adequate weight distribution and balancing of the muscles. With a comfortable and undisturbed sleep, the cats will be happier and thus more full of life.

03. Medical benefits:

Just like aged human beings, older cats are exposed to health issues such as arthritis. However, a good bed will ensure proper pressure distribution and thus help in mitigating the pain.


The cat beds are in most cases mobile. Naturally, cats love operating from an elevated surface where they can watch everything taking place around them. They never like the idea of being in a single place for so long, thus a bed with mobility as a feature is highly recommended.

Disadvantages of a Cat Bed

01. Allergy:

The materials used for making some of the cat beds may result in allergic reactions with the cat. If not checked in good time, such reactions could lead to serious health complications for the cat.

02. Cost:

A good cat bed is quite expensive. The extra expense and the continuous cost of maintenance may be a huge burden to the owner in the long run.

My Best Selection of Cat Beds for two cats:

In this section, I will share with you some of my best cat beds. Some are hybrids, meaning, they combine a cat tree style with multiple beds. Also, there are other quality choices that you could buy two of if you have two cats, for example.

01 . Climbing Kitty Tower 52 inch Tall Cat Condo Furniture w/ 2 Beds

The CozyCatFurniture Climbing Kitty Tower with 2 Beds (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad) comes in five different colors. These are beige, blue, gray, brown, and green. The bed only needs to be assembled at the top. The color shades of the carpets vary. This is to cover the varying personalities of the cats. It also has a fun tower resembling a playful cat tree.


  • The lower bed is moderately raised. This means that the kittens and the aged cats can easily access them.
  • The durable materials used in the construction process work to lower the cost of maintenance.
  • It does not require any kind of assembling since it is already handmade in the United States.
  • The bed is suitable for the needs of both the older and the younger cats.
  • The separation of the beds means that the cats will not confront each other in case they are yet to get along with each other very well.


  • The demerits of this bed are negligible if any. The fact that it is handmade may be a limitation that proves to be a cost-saver in the long run.
  • Its big size consumes so much space. However, this is covered up by the fact that it is well ventilated and will therefore not make the house feel stuffy.

02. Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed

The Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad) is one of the best memory foam mattresses for one’s cat. It has therapeutic qualities. Apart from the fun-filled lounging, the couth will also be able to soothe and reduce pressure in those areas that cause pain and thus improve the overall health of the cat.

Instead of going for those beds which have been constructed using cheap and low-quality fillers, it would make greater sense to resort to the high-quality foam mattresses for the maximum output. The cat beds are in chocolate brown and slate gray varieties.


  • Such beds are easy to clean since water does not penetrate to the inners surface. The cover can easily be removed and washed thoroughly with the machine. There are also replacement covers that are sold separately.
  • With the pre-loaded bolsters in the fabric cover, the bed is so easy to assemble. It is a two-step process involving the insertion of the memory foam base and then simply zipping it. At this point, your cats will be ready for a good nap.


  • However, the cost of replacing the covers may lead to unnecessary expenses in the long run.
  • With the playful and scratchy nature of the cats, it is almost obvious that the covers may have to be replaced from time to time. This makes the cost of maintenance rather high.

03. Penn Plax CatWalk Lavish Infinity Bed

It would be interesting to see the Penn Plax CatWalk Luxury Lounger (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad) cat bed have a wider color spectrum. The fact that it only comes in beige may make it lose on a greater section of the market.

Some pet owners have a preference for other colors apart from beige. Colors such as blue and yellow have more touch on life and would, therefore, appeal more to the kittens.


  • The fact that the bed is handmade makes it authentic and thus more appealing to the cats.
  • It looks very classy and lavish.
  • The cushion on the bed is firmly tucked in thus the bed will not move about as the cat jumps to and from it.
  • The bed is slightly raised for the cats to enjoy the uplifted view. Moreover, they are also protected from the cold floor surface.
  • Its moderate size means that it can fit comfortably into the house; without eating so much space.
  • The sisal poles are fun to play with, yet so safe for the kittens and the older cuts.
  • The material used for the construction of the bed absorbs fur thus making it hygienic.


  • Tailor making of the bed makes it appear restrictive in design and appearance.
  • Its limited color choice is a minus since customers may prefer a wide range of colors.

04. Hepper Cat Pod Bed

The Hepper Cat Pod Bed (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad) comes in a grey color. It is the latest brand in town and will meet all the comfort and health needs of your cat. It is bigger, more stable, and with a wider door to facilitate the entry and exit of your cat.

The fur on the bed means that your living room will never be in a mess anymore. The bed has been designed in such a manner that your cat can curl up and lean in such a manner that ensures total comfort. Its big size means that it can accommodate two average size cats at one go. The cozy fleece liner also provides an extra layer of comfort for the cat.


  • The bed is comfortable due to the fur and fleece lining.
  • It is hygienic since the fur prevents the messing up of the floor in the living room area.
  • The design makes the cats feel very safe and secure.
  • The bed is elevated to keep the cat away from the cold floor area.
  • The material used for the construction of the bed does not cause allergic reactions to the cat.


  • The fact that is elevated makes it not ideal for kittens and older cats, which cannot jump to and from such high-end places.

05. The Refined Feline’s A-Frame Cat Bed

The Refined Feline’s A-Frame Cat bed (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) can also be a scratcher at the same time. Its multipurpose nature makes it ideal for your cat since it will not have to move around, looking for places where it can scratch itself.

This will reduce the depositing of pet fur on the floor thus making the house more hygienic. It has end tables that make it achieve this versatile status. The bed is large enough to accommodate two cats. Furthermore, it has a cushion with a replaceable and washable cover. To ensure proper circulation of air, the cat bed is fitted with a ventilated base.


  • The ventilated base keeps the cats free from suffocation and other forms of respiratory discomfort.
  • Its versatile nature enables the pet owner to hit two birds with one stone; that is, a place of rest and scratching for the cats.


  • It is a bit elevated and may therefore not be the best for kittens and older cats.
  • The cats may get bored with this kind of bed. This is because the design has very minimal space for playing and jumping around. Scratching and resting soon become too monotonous to earn the cats any form of fun.


Out of the five types of cat beds discussed, CozyCatFurniture Climbing Kitty Tower with 2 Beds (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad) is my choice. This particular cat bed acts both as a resting place and a playground for the cats.

The fact that it lasts long means that it is cheaper in the long run. Furthermore, the cost of assembling the parts is avoided since the bed is handmade in the U.S.

What makes the bed stand out from the rest is the fact that its alleged disadvantages come out as advantages if looked at from a different perspective.

For instance, the problem of not being flexible as a result of being handmade is a blessing when it comes to mitigating the cost of production and final price of the bed.

Unlike the other types of beds, this bed manages to fulfill the needs of both kittens and older generations of cats. Its sophistication lies in its simplicity.

Overall, this bed fulfills all the requirements stated in section two, that is; it is easily accessible by the cats; it is made up of natural fabrics, and can easily be washed by a machine.

Lindsey Browlingdon