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Best 5 Automatic Litter box for Cats

With the advent of self-cleaning litter boxes, we can expect to see an unparalleled rise in cat ownership. These apparatuses fill a cat owner's life with more smiles and less ruffles.

With grandeur and style, these gems offer optimum convenience for cat litter control, making it super easy to dispose of neatly collected and hygienically treated waste.

Although they're costlier than the traditional manual litter boxes in general, automatic litter boxes do come at budget-friendly prices, and save you the hassle of cleaning up after your beloved cat. Not only are they affordable, they are also available in a wide array of designs to suit your specific needs.

If you've have decided to give one of these devices a shot, here are the five best automatic litter box that can truly rock your cat's world:

1. Petsafe Simply Clean Self cleaning Litter Box 

A flagship product of Petsafe, this self-cleaning litter box allows for simple management of your cat litter. It comes with detachable parts which, although many may find hard to assemble at first, are easy to wash and maintain. It features a semi-transparent waste compartment that allows you to easily monitor the quantity of waste deposited in it.

Being a low-voltage appliance, this product operates with minimal sound; hence it is the better-suited for fainthearted felines. The litter tray is designed primarily for lighter weighted cats and kitties.

The motor which facilitates the automatic clearing of the litter tray moves in a very subtle way, going full rotation only just once per hour.
As the product name suggests, Simply Clean is designed for frail felines. Its moving parts are entirely covered to prevent accidents from occurring during usage. Plus, you can regulate the the speed of the rotation by installing a timer that automatically turns the system on or off.

2. LitterMaid

The underlying mechanism of this gem features a rake that automatically removes waste from the regular litter into a waste compartment.

The product comes with a proprietary waste compartment which, according to the manufacturer, is 50 percent larger than other automatic litter boxes.

Emptying the waste compartment is as easy as removing the disposable hopper and disposing of it.

To ensure thorough litter management, this machine features a cleaning pad that catches any excess litter as the cat runs along after finishing with the business.

The appliance also comes with carbon fiber filters that dispel the bad odor. All in all, the LitterMaid one of the simplest models of automatic litter boxes that allows for breezy disposal of cat litter.

3. ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

The crown jewel of this automatic litter box is the remarkable crystal litter, which absorbs urine and dehydrates waste to eradicate offensive odor.

These crystals can function for weeks on end without necessitating the need for regular maintenance. This crystal litter is mounted in the disposable trays, in a set up which allows for streamlined collection of waste.

The device is a set up with three main features: a sensor, a timer, and a rake. It's not that hard to see how this product works from the list of components; the sensor detects the entry of the cat into the box and sets off a timer which, after twenty minutes, sends signals that activate an automated sweeping rake which removes waste from the tray into the receptacle.

You can choose from two different types of tray refills: the lavender, and the dye-free types. Other accessories for the product include an anti-tracking mat, and a sporty hood that can uplift the mien of doing business in the litter box.

4. CatGenie Self Cleaning Self Flushing Cat Box

This product belongs to the high end of the scale in terms of prices as well as technology. It tackles the menace of cat waste with what has been dubbed "Washable Granules", which take the place of a litter.

The Washable Granules are a fixed component, so instead of collecting solid waste during a regular clean up, like you do in a conventional litter system, the washable granules collect the waste. And all you ned to do is clean the granules. 

This negates the part where you would manually extract the collected waste from the waste compartment.

The CatGenie Cat Box bears a striking resemblance to the traditional toilet bowl. In addition to mimicking the mechanisms of the toilet bowl in a remarkable way, the product also heats the granules in order to dry them up and have them all set for the next use.

This product system requires the use of SaniSolutions for washes, an electric supply, cold water supply, and a drain pipe in order to function in full-swing automation.

5. Litter-Robot III Open-Air 

This product is the all the rage in the market today. Fitted with an impressive battery of functionalities, this product has recently been subjected to numerous price increments. It offers your pet the coolest and fanciest waste disposal system.

The product comes with an integrated litter tray appropriate for use by cats of various sizes.

It is made up of a globe that rotates in its entirety to remove waste, and a large waste compartment where the waste is deposited. You can place a trash bag inside the waste compartment in order to easily empty its contents.

The Litter-Robot III Open-Air model is an improvement to its predecessor, featuring a number of additional functionalities. It features a larger body, an auto LED night vision light, an automated cat sensor, an elaborate indicator, and settings for three, five and seven minute time cycles.

The sensor comes in the form of a pressure switch embedded at the bottom of the box. It is turned on the moment a cat steps into the box. The sensor triggers the rotation of the globe which takes place according to the length of time preset by you.

Transitioning To A New Automated Litter Box: How Not To Get Your Wires Crossed

You should not underestimate how sensitive cats are to litter box changes. In the light of this, and also given the fact that these gems are more expensive than the manual litter systems, much thought and care must therefore be invested into the decision making process as you consider going for one.

It is also unrealistic to expect a smooth transition to a new self-cleaning litter device in which there are no accidents and instances when waste is inadvertently spilled all over the carpet.

In order to ensure a faster transition, you need to personally take charge of the transition process and carry out positive reinforcement.

You can also try out a few tricks like spraying some catnip over the automated litter box (Click here to see how cats know how to use a litter box). The key here is to get your cat to associate the new arrival with some pleasurable experiences. 

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