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8 Week Kitten and Stairs? (Read These Tips First!)

If you have an 8-week old kitten you may be paranoid about your stairs, how that may affect it, and what you can do to protect your kitten from the stairs (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad).

Can kittens climb stairs?

Kittens can climb stairs. But, depending on the layout of your home, it is advisable to block any large gaps or high banisters. Most kittens will be fine but it is more of a precaution to avoid an accident.

3 Items to prevent your kitten from using your stairs

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02. Banister Guard
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03. Cat repellent spray
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So, now you know that they can. But, what can you do to prevent them if you are not comfortable with it? Are kittens likely to jump from a tall balcony? Do kittens always land on their feet? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…


How can you prevent your kitten from climbing the stairs?

If you are concerned about your cat climbing the stairs there are several methods that you can use to stop it from happening such as the following:

01. Provide an alternative

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A cat tree is a great alternative to tempt your kitten. The idea is that they will prefer the tree over your stairs. And, it should satisfy their instinctual urge to climb.

02. Misdirect your kitten

If you want to try a method with no cost you can try to misdirect your kitten. This can be as simple as shaking some keys at it when you catch it attempting to climb the stairs.

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My only issue with this method is you need to be there every time. It’s basically a reactive method, are you with me? If you are there it will work wonders, if not, you can’t do anything.

03. Cat repellent spray

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This method requires spraying the stairs, or area near the bottom of the stairs with a deterrent spray. The idea is to repel your cat from this area.

The hope is that with time it will learn not to go near there. My only issue with this is the fact that you need to keep applying the spray. However, some cats will react to it better than others which could cut down the amount you need.

04. Banister Guard

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Another way to do this is to use a banister guard. This will stop your kitten from falling through the banister gaps if they climb to the top of your stairs.

The good thing about this method is once it’s up it will protect your kitten ongoing. Meaning, unlike the misdirection technique it is a proactive method.

Are kittens smart enough to NOT jump off a balcony?

Kittens and adult cats are smart enough to not jump from balconies. But, cats can fall off by accident. This is something that no kitten can prepare for. So, this is why it makes sense to have some precautions around high-level areas.

If you are concerned about the mentality of your kitten and if they may leap off from the top of the stairs the good news it is unlikely. But, you now know there are still dangers associated with this.

Are stairs safe for kittens?

8 week kitten and stairs?

Kitten on the floor.

In general, kittens are fine with stairs but, as I mentioned above, they could fall through the gap. So it’s best to be cautious if you have concerns.

Some cat owners have no issues, but there is always an exception. And, you do not want to be that person that gets caught out with it.

If your kitten falls off the stairs will it land on its feet?

Cats do stand a good chance of falling on their feet but it does not always save them. Especially if they fall from quite high up. This is why it’s important to block access to dangerous windows, use balcony guards (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), etc.

There is a well-known saying that suggests that cats will always land on their feet. And while this is loosely based on facts it’s not a sure-fire assumption.

Why do kittens enjoy climbing stairs?

Cats enjoy climbing stairs to get up high above eye-level. This allows them to explore, see what going on, and have an advantage. This stems from their ancestors in the wild that used this technique to gain an advantage over their predators.

If they remained up high they could see their predators coming or get a headstart on their prey. This behavior has been passed down to the domestic cats of today.

Do 8-week old kittens need milk?

Cats of 8 weeks or older do not really need milk anymore. You still may notice them drinking it by choice but it is not required. Either way, the milk that costume should never be cows milk. Kittens either have their mother’s milk or a special milk replacement.

This replacement is formulated to replace their mother’s milk and is not the same as cows milk. Cows milk is likely to cause them stomach upsets or even diarrhea.

How much should an 8-week old kitten sleep?

Young kittens spend most of their day sleeping. In fact, you can expect them to sleep approximately 18 hours a day. So, leaving 6 hours awake to eat, drink, and play. Play is an important part of their development as well, but sleep takes president.

If you ever wondered how much sleep a kitten gets you may be surprised that they get so much of it. It is much like human babies who usually sleep about 16 hours a day. They tend to sleep about half of that time in the night.

And, the other half being in the daytime. So, like kittens, it can seem like they are almost always sleeping.

Can you take a kitten home at 8 weeks?

You can take a kitten home after 8 weeks. But, it is not advisable. The reason for this is you will benefit waiting a bit longer. This includes better eating skills and learning how to use a litter tray, etc. If you decide to take them earlier, at 8 weeks, you will have to take on this training.

And, I am sure you will agree that it is better to not have to train a young kitten how to eat and poop appropriately on top of the other challenges of a new kitten, right?

When do kittens begin to walk?

Kittens will start to learn to walk from about 3 weeks old. But, at this stage, they will still be quite shakey and just learning the ropes. By week 5 they should be more confident and ready to move onto the next stages of their development.

The next stages include starting to use a litter tray, etc. Their mother is such an important part of their development at this stage. This is why people strongly advise people to wait until at least 12 to 14 weeks before separating them.


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